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Ms. Jade is a Philadelphia-based rapper who first came to most peoples’ attention as a protege of Timbaland. She, along with other artists including Tweet and Bubba Sparxx, were part of the producer’s Beat Camp collective. Ms. Jade also worked closely with another one of Timbaland’s frequent collaborators, Missy Elliott, appearing on several of Missy’s hits like “Funky Fresh Dressed” and “Slap Slap Slap.”

Shortly after the release of her debut album Girl Interrupted, Jade parted ways with Timbaland and released several mixtapes that showed her rapping with an aggression and power that wasn’t always there during her time in the spotlight. Ms. Jade has released a bunch of recent freestyles, and is finishing up a new album entitled Beautiful Mess.

Tracks featured in this episode:

  1. Ms. Jade, “Big Head”
  2. Ms. Jade f/Missy Elliott, “Really Don’t Want My Love”
  3. MAJOR FIGGAS, “Ya’ll Can’t *uck With Da Figgas”
  4. Beanie Sigel, “Nothing Like It”
  5. Peedi Crakk, “Malibuyah”
  6. Nina Ross, “Bang Bang”
  7. Ms. Jade, “The Cannon Flow”
  8. Fox 5 news coverage of DJ Drama arrest, 2007
  9. Mortal Kombat 9 - Jade (Arcade Ladder) [Expert] No Matches/Rounds Lost
  10. India.Arie, “Strength Courage & Wisdom”
  11. Ms. Jade, “FaceDown”
  12. Ms. Jade f/Big Daddy Kane, “Set It Off”
  13. Marley Marl f/Masta Ace, Craig G, Kool G. Rap, & Big Daddy Kane, “The Symphony”
  14. Ms. Jade f/ Lee Mazin, Tianni Victoria, Leen Bean, & Mad Rapper, “Set It Off (The Symphony 2014)”
  15. DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince, “Charlie Mack – The First Out The Limo”
  16. Ms. Jade f/ Lee Mazin, Tianni Victoria, Leen Bean, & Mad Rapper, “Set It Off (The Symphony 2014)”
  17. Ms. Jade, “Black Friday”
  18. Biggie Smalls, “Warning”
  19. Ms. Jade, “Dream”
  20. Ms. Jade, “Dream”
  21. Audio Two, “Top Billin’”
  22. Ms. Jade, “Step Up”
  23. Ms. Jade, “Step Up”
  24. Missy Elliott f/Ms. Jade, “Funky Fresh Dressed”
  25. Missy Elliott f/Ms. Jade, “Funky Fresh Dressed”
  26. Missy Elliott f/Ms. Jade, “Funky Fresh Dressed”
  27. Ms. Jade, “Rollin Thru The Town”
  28. Ms. Jade, “Kiss Goodbye”
  29. Timbaland f/Nelly Furtado & Justin Timberlake, “Give It To Me”
  30. Ms. Jade, “Beam My Up Scotty”
  31. Ms. Jade, “Pop Style Freestyle”
  32. Ms. Jade, “Mama Said Knock You Out – Freestyle”
  33. Ms. Jade & Nina Ross, “Thelma & Louise”
  34. Ms. Jade, “Different”
  35. STAR BUC WILD Interview Miss Jade…Goes in on Missy Elliot,Timbaland
  36. Jay Z, “Hola Hovito”
  37. Ms. Jade f/Jay Z, “Count It Off”
  38. Ms. Jade f/Nelly Furtado, “Ching Ching”
  39. Beyoncé, “Rocket”
  40. Ms. Jade f/Timbaland, “Ching Ching, Part Two”
  41. Ms. Jade, “Feelin It Freestyle”
  42. Ms. Jade, “All Day Freestyle (Dirty)”
  43. Behind The Scenes - NAKIA THE SHORT FILM
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