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Gangsta Boo joined Three 6 Mafia when she was only a teen. To this day, she is still the first and only female member of the group. After a successful run with the group, she left and embarked upon a flourishing solo career. One of the most active and consistent MCs in the game, Gangsta Boo has worked with some of the South’s best over the course of her career. Memphis born and bred, her sound will be forever engrained in the traditions and classic sound of the city. Honest, hard-hitting, and forever unafraid of her competition, Gangsta Boo has a sound that will continue to be influential for years to come. These days, you can find her working on a new project, Witch, with fellow MC La Chat and producer DJ Paul.

We talked how the Memphis sound is taken without homage paid, the influence of bounce music on her own style, the origins of “get your broke ass out of the club”, some of her most iconic lines, and more.

Annotated excerpts on

  1. Gangsta Boo Excerpt #1 “Paying Homage”
  2. Gangsta Boo Excerpt #2 “Stealing the Memphis Sound”
  3. Gangsta Boo Excerpt #3 “Memphis Is Its Own Culture”
  4. Gangsta Boo Excerpt #4 “Nasty Trick”
  5. Gangsta Boo Excerpt #5 “Get Your Broke Ass Out of the Club”

Show notes:

  1. Gangsta Boo Discusses New Three 6 Mafia Album Witch Project with La Chat
  2. Gangsta Boo and La Chat ft. Mia X, “Bitchy”
  3. Gangsta Boo in Complex
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