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Trae is a true Houston rap legend who got his start as a member of DJ Screw’s Screwed Up Click. Since the late 1990s, he has been sharing his street stories using his one-of-a-kind voice. Through countless mixtapes and albums, he has helped shape the sound and focus of his hometown scene, and played a large role in bringing it to the attention of the wider world. But Trae is not only notable for his rapping. In 2008, the city of Houston awarded him his own day, and Trae Day has become an annual tradition.

His latest project is Tha Truth, Pt. 3.

Tracks featured in this episode:

  1. G-Rapp the General f/Z-Ro & Trae tha Truth, “Guerilla Maab”
  2. Trae tha Truth f/Russell Lee, “Doing My Thang”
  3. South Park Mexican, “Comin Up Comin Down”
  4. Big Moe, “Barre Baby”
  5. Bun B, “Draped Up”
  6. Lil’ Flip, “The Way We Ball”
  7. DJ DMD f/DJ Screw, Al-D, “So Real”
  8. Z-Ro, “25 Lighters”
  9. Chamillionaire, “Industry Groupie”
  10. Pimp C f/Z-Ro & Lil’Flip, “Comin’ Up”
  11. DJ Screw f/Big Moe, “Sippin Codeine”
  12. Trae & Dougie D of Guerilla Maab f/Z-Ro, “Keep Watching Me”
  13. Wood ft. Z-Ro, Barre, Grace, Kool-Aid, Lil’ Flex, Lil’ James, Solo-D, & Trae, “On The Edge”
  14. Trae & Dougie D of Guerilla Maab f/Z-Ro & Big T, “Year of the Underdawgs”
  15. Slim Thug, “Like A Boss”
  16. Street Military, “Dead In A Year”
  17. Yungstar f/Lil Flex, “Knocking Pictures Off the Wall”
  18. Trae Tha Truth, “Swang”
  19. Michael Jackson, “The Lady in My Life”
  20. Trae Tha Truth, “Swang”
  21. Trae Tha Truth f/2Pac & Omar Cruz, “Death Around the Corner”
  22. Trae tha Truth f/Z-Ro & Yukmouth, “Losing Composure”
  23. Trae tha Truth f/ Bun B & Z-Ro, “Beware”
  24. Trae tha Truth f/T.C. & Shyna, “
  25. Trae tha Truth f/Paul Wall & Chamillionaire, “Oh No”
  26. Trae tha Truth, “I’m on 3.0”
  27. Trae Tha Truth f/DRAM, “Fallin Down”
  28. Trae Tha Truth, “Can’t Get Close”
  29. Trae Tha Truth f/Kim “Alleviation”
  30. Trae Tha Truth - RIP Money Clip D [Tribute Song]
  31. Trae Tha Truth f/Ra Ra, “Still Out Here”
  32. Trae Tha Truth f/Que, “Trae Day”
  33. Trae tha Truth, “Uptown”
  34. Grand Hustle f/T.I., Trae tha Truth, Iggy Azalea, and Chip, “The Cypher”
  35. Trae Tha Truth f/Ink, “I Ain’t Mad At Ya”
  36. Trae Tha Truth f/Ink & Kim, “Feel So Lost”
  37. Trae Tha Truth f/Ink & Kim, “Feel So Lost”
  38. Trae Tha Truth f/Ink, “I Ain’t Mad At Ya”
  39. Trae Tha Truth, “The Radio Won’t Play This”
  40. Trae Tha Truth, “Let Me Live”
  41. Trae Tha Truth, “Why”
  42. Trae Tha Truth f/Mama C & Big Krit, “I Believe”
  43. Trae Tha Truth f/J-Dawg & WatchTheDuck, “Mama”
  44. Trae Tha Truth f/Baby Houston, “G Thang”
  45. DJ Screw- Blue Over Grey Boys Freestyle
  46. Keep it cool with Trae tha Truth
  47. Nardwuar vs. Trae tha Truth
  48. Dougie D, “Bout the Souf”
  49. Studio Life: Watson the Great Speaks on Engineering for Trae the Truth.
  50. Drake and Future,”Jumpman”
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