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E.S.G. is a Houston rapper best known for his association with DJ Screw and the Screwed Up Click. He was the very first artist to have Screw remix a song on a commercially-available project, with a Screwed up version of “Swangin and Bangin” on his 1994 album Ocean of Funk.

E.S.G., a talented freestyler who can rap off the top of his head for hours at a time, found regional success with that album and its followup, 1995’s Sailin’ Da South, before legal issues stalled things for several years. But he returned stronger than ever in 1998 and, since then, has released a steady stream of solo and collaborative projects, including an influential duo album with Slim Thug that helped bring the warring north and south sides of Houston together.

Tracks featured in this episode:

  1. Lil Troy, “Wanna Be A Baller”
  2. E.S.G. f/Big T, Yellowstone Click, & Lil Wil, “Smoke On”
  3. Usher, “My Way”
  4. Gregory D and DJ Mannie Fresh, “Buck Jump Time”
  5. Tim Smooth, “I Gotsta Have It”
  6. The Showboys, “Drag Rap”
  7. E.S.G., “South Side Still Holding”
  8. E.S.G., “Swangin and Bangin”
  9. E.S.G. f/Marcus Bolden, “Ocean of Funk”
  10. Master P, f/Silkk the Shocker & C-Murder, “Ghetto D” (song starts around 0:25)
  11. Al Green, “Love and Happiness”
  12. E.S.G. f/Lil Wil, “Flipping”
  13. E.S.G. f/Montina, “Beauty and the Beast”
  14. E.S.G. f/Big 50, “Crooked Streets”
  15. E.S.G., “Anticipation”
  16. E.S.G., “R.I.P.”
  17. E.S.G. & DJ Screw, “Swangin and Bangin - Screwed”
  18. Fat Pat f/Big H.A.W.K., “Reality (Screwed)”
  19. E.S.G., “Swangin and Bangin”
  20. DJ Screw & E.S.G., “Sailin da South”
  21. Slim Thug & E.S.G., “Braids & Fades”
  22. Slim Thug & E.S.G., “Braids & Fades”
  23. E.S.G. & Slim Thug, “Here We Come”
  24. E.S.G. & Slim Thug, “I’m the Boss”
  25. The Cipher Episode 168: Slim Thug
  26. B.M.U. (Black Men United), “U Will Know - US Radio Edit”
  27. E.S.G. f/Dark Vador, “Return of the Living Dead”
  28. E.S.G. f/CrimeBoss & DEVIOS, “Gz & Jackaz”
  29. E.S.G., “South Coast on Clock”
  30. E.S.G. f/Too $hort, “Luv It How You Get It”
  31. E.S.G., “Freestyle 13”
  32. Lil Flip - ESG Diss (Explaining ESG Beef)
  33. Lil Flip, “Da Freestyle King”
  35. 10 year old rapper, Bryson Hill - “Walk Like Killa B”
  36. ESG, “UFO”

Show notes:

  1. DJ Screw Photographs and Memorabilia
  2. Complex, “The 25 Most Ridiculous Pen & Pixel Album Covers of All Time”
  3. “E.S.G. making syrup” by Peter Beste
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