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Paul Wall is the Houston-based rapper - and sometimes jeweler - who rose to fame after his appearance on Mike Jones’ 2004 hit “Still Tippin’.” That tune, and Paul’s own hit songs that followed, moved his hometown from hip-hop’s periphery to its center - a shift which still reverberates today, as you can hear in the heavy H-Town influence on newer rappers like Drake and A$AP Rocky.

Paul got his start as part of a group with his childhood friend Chamillionaire. After two albums as a duo, Paul went solo in 2004. He found solo success the following year on his city’s famed Swishahouse label, with his album The Peoples Champ, which contained the hit “Sittin’ Sidewayz.”

Paul has continued to make music true to his city’s roots, while keeping a hand in any number of side hustles, from custom grills to clothing to his brand-new strain of marijuana. His brand-new album is Slab God.

Tracks featured in this episode:

  1. Akeem [Chamillionaire], Paul Wall, & Michael “5000” Watts, “Callin’ It How It Is”
  2. B.G., “Cash Money Is An Army”
  3. B.G. - Cash Money Is An Army (instrumental)
  4. B.G. f/Hot Boys & Big Tymers, “Bling Bling”
  5. Akeem [Chamillionaire], Paul Wall, & Michael “5000” Watts, “Callin’ It How It Is”
  6. DJ Screw, “June 27”
  7. Color Changin’ Click, “Instant Replay (NBA on NBC Beat)”
  8. Paul Wall & Chamillionaire, “Thinkin’ Thoed”
  9. Paul Wall & Chamillionaire, “N Luv Wit My Money”
  10. Paul Wall & Chamillionaire, “U Already Know”
  11. E.S.G. & Slim Thug, “I’m the Boss”
  12. Paul Wall, “Chick Magnet”
  13. Paul Wall f/Freeway & Crys Wall, “On The Grind”
  14. Paul Wall f/Young Joc & Gorilla Zoe, “Fly”
  15. Paul Wall, “I’m On Patron”
  16. Slim Thug f/Bun B & Pharrell Williams, “I Ain’t Heard Of That (Remix)”
  17. MTV News, Houston: Paul Wall’s Guide to Tippin’
  18. Mike Jones f/Slim Thug & Paul Wall, “Still Tippin’”
  19. Paul Wall f/Big Pokey, “Sittin’ Sidewayz”
  20. Nelly f/Paul Wall, Ali, & Gipp, “Grillz”
  21. Paul Wall f/C. Stone & Johnny Dang, “Stay Iced Up”
  22. Berner, “20 Joints”
  23. Paul Wall f/Devin the Dude & Curren$y, “Crumble the Satellite”
  24. Ryan Lochte Interview - His Grill 2012 London Olympics
  25. CNN, “Ryan Lochte Shows Off His Grill”
  26. Speedo, “What’s With Ryan Lochte’s Grill?
  27. Paul Wall f/C. Stone, “R.I.P. Act”
  28. Future, “I Thought It Was a Drought”
  29. Smoke DZA f/King Chip, “Weed Raps”
  30. Chief Keef, “Love No Thotties”
  31. The Cipher Episode 127: Raquel Cepeda
  32. Bling: A Planet Rock
  33. Kanye West, “Diamonds From Sierra Leone”

Show notes:

  1. Red Bull Music Academy, “DJ Screw: A Fast Life In Slow Motion”
  2. NBC Bay Area, “Bay Area Rapper and Weed Entrepreneur Berner Opens Haight Street Clothing Store”
  3. Paul Wall f/Kobe, “I Need Mo” music video
  4. The Wall Street Journal, “The Star of Rapper Paul Wall’s New Video? The iPhone 3GS.”
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