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Prof is a Minneapolis-based rapper whose fun and deceptively intricate tracks and entertaining, sometimes chaotic live shows have been entertaining fans since the mid-2000s. He has an outsized, outrageous comic persona, but that doesn’t stop him from frequently rapping movingly and artfully about his difficult childhood and family life.

Prof quickly rose through the hip-hop ranks in his hometown, and is one of only a handful of rappers - local or otherwise - who can sell out Minneapolis’ biggest venues. His success led to him joining forces with the city’s pre-eminent hip-hop label, Rhymesayers. Prof’s debut album on the label, Liability, just dropped this past Friday, October 16th.

Tracks featured in this episode:

  1. Prof’s 27th Birthday and More!
  2. Prof, “Motor”
  3. Prof, “Myself”
  4. Prof - Myself (live performance)
  5. Prof, “Yeah Buddy”
  6. Prof, “Love Like Mine”
  7. Prof, “Animal”
  8. Prof, “The Reply”
  9. Prof, “Ghost”
  10. Mac Lethal, “Pancakes”
  11. Jay Z, “Change Clothes”
  12. Prof, “On My Way”
  13. Prof, “Bar Breaker”
  14. Prof, “Peep Show”
  15. Prof, “New Kid”
  16. Gummo - “Kitchen Fight”
  17. Prof, “The Reply”
  18. Prof, “Karma”
  19. Prof, “Motor”
  20. Prof f/Brother Ali, “Daughter”
  21. Prof f/MTV RiFF RAFF, “James Bond Blimp”
  22. Get Cryphy, “Get Cryphy 2: Rambo 4 Ivan Drago”
  23. Put Your Hands Up: Liability Is Coming!
  24. Nacho Picasso, “Big Ass Titties”

Show notes:

  1. Prof’s 27th Birthday and More!
  2. PROF - Animal (Official Video)
  3. Prof - Ghost feat. Tech N9ne (Official Video)
  4. Twin Cities Daily Planet, “Prof’s ‘King Gampo’ is rap at its worst”
  5. Put Your Hands Up: Liability Is Coming!
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