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Sacha Jenkins is a journalist, filmmaker, TV producer, author, musician, and all-around hip-hop polymath. He got his start chronicling graffiti and rap music in homemade zines before joining with a diverse crew of hip-hop obsessives to form the collective that came to be known as Ego Trip. That crew was responsible for a successful and influential magazine, two books, and multiple television projects – all of which explored music and race through a smart, funny, occasionally inflammatory lens.

In addition to his work with Ego Trip and writing about hip-hop for basically every other outlet that covered it, Sacha has co-written many books about graffiti, co-wrote Eminem’s autobiography The Way I Am, played in rock and hardcore bands, and has done much more than we can fit in this space. His latest project is a documentary film about hip-hop fashion called Fresh Dressed.

Tracks featured in this episode:

  3. Dimples D, “Sucker DJ (I Will Survive)”
  4. Bad Brains, “Pay To Cum”
  5. Orange 9mm, “High Speed Changer”
  6. The White Mandingos, “King of New York”
  7. The Original Videograf Series Issue 2 - JA Clip
  8. Videograf 10 - 20th Year Anniversary Feature - “UPDATED VERSION”
  9. Flyin’ Cut Sleeves (Full)
  10. Fresh Dressed excerpt
  11. Beat Street Breakdown
  12. Ultramagnetic MCs, “Ego Trippin’”
  13. Vh1 Ego Trippin The (White) Rapper Show Season 1 Episode 1
  14. VH1 Ego Trippin The (White) Rapper Show Season 1 Episode 3
  15. Capone and Noreaga Almost Shot A VIBE Magazine Editor
  16. Fresh Dressed excerpt
  17. Fresh Dressed excerpt
  18. Eminem, “Talkin’ 2 Myself”
  19. Eric B. & Rakim, “Follow the Leader”
  20. Fresh Dressed excerpt

Show notes:

  1., “An Interview with The Disco Twins of Queens”
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