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About The Show

The Cipher is the critically acclaimed hip-hop podcast formerly known as Outside the Lines With Rap Genius. It was created by host Shawn Setaro while he was Editor-in-Chief of The Cipher is a revamped, improved version of the same great show. Join us every Tuesday for exclusive, in-depth interviews with important figures in Hip-Hop.

Expect to hear from your favorite rappers and producers as well as authors, poets, scholars and industry power players. Check out the archives for great episodes you may have missed.

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About Your Host

Shawn Setaro is a noted writer and cultural historian. He has written for The Atlantic, The Source, Vibe, Esquire, GQ, and more. He is the former Editor-in-Chief of Rap Genius. He has been a speaker at Columbia, The New School, and the Schomburg Center for Black Culture, and has been quoted as a hip-hop expert in The Wall Street Journal, The New York Daily News, The Dallas Observer, and The Chicago Tribune.

He is also a Berklee-educated bassist and guitarist who has recorded and performed with The Dresden Dolls, Amanda Palmer, the Lordz of Brooklyn, Alina Simone, and tons more.

About Your Producer

Josh Kross has been recording and producing audio for well over 2 decades. Starting in high school on analog 4-tracks, he’s worked with several musical and podcast projects over the years. Somewhere, there’s even a recording of a Hamlet-themed cover of “Walk on the Wild Side” he and the “unofficial third Cipher” Brian the Solar Assassin (who is also Josh’s bandmate) produced with Shawn back in their high school days. Specializing in Logic and Pro Tools, Josh has a full mobile recording and production set up and is available for other projects on demand. Contact him through

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