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Lil’ Flip is a Houston rapper and member of DJ Screw’s famed Screwed Up Click who has more than earned his title of the “Freestyle King.” Flip began his career in the late 1990s, mixing solo and group projects, mixtapes, guest appearances, and, of course, countless freestyles. But it was his 2004 album U Gotta Feel Me, which included the massive hits “Game Over” and “Sunshine,” that really launched him to stardom.

Since then, Flip has had his share of ups, downs, and notorious beefs, but he’s never stopped making great music. His latest project is the K EP.

Tracks featured in this episode:

  1. Lil’ Flip, “Real Life”
  2. En Vogue, “Lies”
  3. Z-Ro, “Houston 2Gether”
  4. DJ Screw & Botany Boyz, “Cloverland”
  5. H.S.E. f/Lil’ Flip. E.S.G., R.I.P. Jason, “G’z N Ballaz”
  6. Lil’ Flip f/Bizzy Bone, “R.I.P. Screw”
  7. Lil’ Flip f/Bizzy Bone, “R.I.P. Screw”
  8. Yungstar f/Flip, “Grippin Grain”
  9. Lil’ Flip, “Ya’ll”
  10. Lil’ Flip, “Soufside Still Holdin”
  11. Lil’ Flip, “Southside Still Holdin”
  12. Lil’ Flip f/Young Redd, Lil Ron, & Big T, “What I Been Through”
  13. Lil’ Flip, “Game Over”
  14. Beanie Sigel, “Mac Man”
  15. T2 f/Slim Thug & E.S.G., “This Is For My (Pac Man Song)”
  16. Lil’ Flip, “Game Over”
  17. Lil’ Flip f/Lea, “Sunshine”
  18. Lil’ Flip f/Rick Ross, “I Get Money”
  19. Lil Wayne & Sqad Up, “Grindin”
  20. Sqad Up, “Headachin’”
  21. Lil’ Flip f/Eden, “Respect Me”
  22. Wu-Tang Clan, “C.R.E.A.M.”
  23. Bone Crusher f/Cam’ron, Jadakiss, & Busta Rhymes, “Never Scared - The Takeover Remix”
  24. Lil’ Flip LIVE @ Float Fest 2017
  25. JUNE 27th FREESTYLE Big Pokey x Lil’ Flip x Big Shasta • DJ Screw Soldiers United for Cash DVD
  26. DJ Screw - June 27
  27. Kris Kross, “Da Streets Ain’t Right”
  28. Lil’ Flip, “I Got Flow”
  29. Lil’ Flip - Lil Flex Freestyle diss
  30. Lil’ Flip, “Da Freestyle King”
  31. Lil’ Flip f/Seville, “I Shoulda Listened”
  32. lil flip new movie feat babysavage kings theory 3
  33. Lil’ Flip, “Hall of Fame Graveyard”
  34. Lil’ Flip, “Real Life”
  35. Lil’ Flip f/Freon Icy Cold & MJG, “B.I.T.M.”
  36. Lil’ Flip, “Screwed Up”
  37. Lil’ Flip, “Battlefield”
  38. Lil’ Flip f/Big T, “Baller”
  39. Lil’ Troy, “Wanna Be a Baller”
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