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Eligh Nachowitz and Corey Scoffern, a.k.a. The Grouch, are rappers best known for their affiliation with the Living Legends crew. The group, which also included our recent guest Murs, were pioneers in the independent West Coast rap scene in the 1990s. Eligh began his career with Murs and fellow future Living Legend member Scarub in a group called Three Melancholy Gypsys while still a teenager. That crew joined with another group called Mystik Journeymen, picked up a few members including The Grouch, and formed the Living Legends. Their lo-fi albums, made initially on four-tracks, plus their self-booked international tours, set a template that independent rappers follow to this day.

Eligh and The Grouch began releasing music as a duo in in 1998, and have released a number of albums together, most recently 2014’s triple album The Tortoise and the Crow. Together, separately, and with the rest of the Living Legends, their sprawling discography is one of the finest of the era.

Tracks featured in this episode:

  1. The Grouch, “Roll Call (Intro)”
  2. Log Cabin, “Collective Meditations”
  3. 3 Melancholy Gypsys, “Sunsprayed”
  4. LL Cool J, “I Can’t Live Without My Radio”
  5. Mystik Journeymen, “After The Rzesistance”
  6. The Grouch, “Mr. Invisible”
  7. The Grouch, “Stormy Weather”
  8. Eligh, “On The Ave”
  9. Eligh, “Moving 99”
  10. Eligh, “In A Quiet Mannor”
  11. Eligh f/Luckyiam.PSD, Murs & Asop, “It Could Be You”
  12. Eligh, “Begintro”
  13. Hieroglyphics, “Make Your Move”
  14. Hobo Junction, “Dirt Hustlin’”
  15. Figures of Speech, “Alpha Omega (live at the Good Life)”
  16. Abstract Rude, Aceyalone, Riddlore?, “I Don’t Know”
  17. The Grouch & Eligh, “Worried About the World”
  18. The Grouch & Eligh f/Pigeon John, “No More Greener Grass”
  19. The Grouch & Eligh f/Paris Hayes, “No Flowers”
  20. The Grouch & Eligh, “So Complicated”
  21. Eligh, “Born to pay for the Past”
  22. Eligh f/ John O’Kennedy, “Bring it Back Down”
  23. Living Legends (Grouch & Eligh), “Remember Who You Are”
  24. The Grouch & Eligh, “Emotion”
  25. Eligh & Jo Wilkinson f/Robert Miranda, “Poet Man”
  26. The Grouch & Eligh f/PROF, “ANX”
  27. Felt, “The Two”
  28. Eligh, “808”
  29. A.E.S., “ATMA”
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