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This is episode 200, and features a return from Kevin Coval. However, since it is our 200th, our producer Josh got Kevin, who’s also a big fan of the show, to turn the tables without us knowing and interview the show’s host Shawn. So if you’ll excuse a little self indulgence here’s the episode 200 with Kevin Coval, Shawn Setaro AND Josh Kross.

Kevin is a poet and educator who is the artistic director of Young Chicago Authors, and the author and editor of a whole bunch of great books. The latest of these is A People’s History of Chicago. The book, true to its title, covers the entire history of the city, while focusing on the experiences and victories of its working people and those struggling for justice. The book’s foreward is by a young artist who has learned a lot from Coval, Chance the Rapper.

Tracks featured in this episode:

  1. Teachers Strike in The Chicago Tradition a poem in solidarity by Kevin Coval
  2. Studs Terkel Comments on Working
  3. Muddy Waters, “Walkin’ Thru The Park”
  4. Black Star, “Intro”
  5. Bob Dylan, “Subterranean Homesick Blues”
  6. Fox News: Weatherman Bill Ayers Was Obama’s “Mentor”
  7. Bill Murray, “Smoke on the Water”
  8. Nine Times, 9X - Ferris Bueller’s Day Off
  9. Eastland Memorial Song (We Shall meet Our Loved Ones Again) 2015
  10. Clip_Good Will Hunting 1997 zinn
  11. Otis Spann, “Tribue to Martin Luther King”
  12. Muddy Waters, “I Be’s Troubled - Plantation Recordings Version”
  13. Muddy Waters, “I Can’t Be Satisfied”
  14. Muddy Waters, “Country Blues (Number One) - Plantation Recordings Version”
  15. Common, “Nuthin’ to Do”
  16. Common, “Nuthin’ to Do”
  17. Common, “Nuthin’ to Do”
  18. Molemen f/Juice, “Period”
  19. Molemen f/Vakill, “You Know the Bitness”
  20. Molemen f/Ang13, “My Crew”
  21. Molemen f/Rhymefest, “How We Chill”
  22. Molemen, “From The South (Memo)”
  23. The Cipher Episode 032: Big Daddy Kane
  24. Lordz of Brooklyn, “Saturday Nite Fever”
  25. Godboy, “The Size and Shape of It”
  26. Helicopter Helicopter, “Unfortunate”
  27. The Dresden Dolls, “Good Day”
  28. Shimoda Air Force, “The Inside Joke”
  29. Charles Bradley, “Changes”
  30. The Cipher Episode 151: Allah B
  31. The Cipher Episode 86: An Ill Badler Christmas 2014
  32. Ernest Gold, “Theme of Exodus”
  33. The Shirelles, “Will You Love Me Tomorrow”
  34. Tito Puento, “Vibe Mambo”
  35. The Ronettes, “Be My Baby”
  36. Chance the Rapper Full Press Conference: Donates $1M to Chicago Public Schools | ABC News
  37. King Geedorah, “Fazers”
  38. The Cipher Episode 178: Slug from Atmosphere
  39. The Cipher Episode 081: Sage Francis
  40. Common, “Electric Wire Hustle Flower”
  41. J Dilla, “Geek Down”
  42. The Cipher Episode 185: Doctor Dré
  43. The Cipher Episode 195: Bill Stephney

Show notes:

  1. Quraysh Ali Lansana and Georgia A. Popoff, “Verse Journalism: The Poet as Witness”
  2. Wikipedia, “List of alumni of the Second City”
  3. Chicago Tribune, “Joyce Sloane, mother of The Second City, is dead at 80”
  4. King Encyclopedia, “Chicago Campaign (1966)”
  5. Thrillist, “The Most Legendary Moments in Second City History”
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