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Aldrin “DJ Toomp” Davis began his career as a DJ and producer for early Atlanta rap acts like Raheem the Dream and MC Shy-D. But it was when he met a friend’s cousin named Clifford Harris that things really got started. Harris rapped under the name Tip—which he would later change to T.I. to avoid confusion, after signing to the same record label as Q-Tip.

T.I. and Toomp would together sell millions of records, create classics, and even help start a whole new genre. A whole new generation in Atlanta and beyond would take inspiration from the sound and title of Toomp and T.I.’s 2003 album Trap Muzik, and a style bearing that name would come into being.

But that’s far from the end of Toomp’s accomplishments. He also played a key role in the creation of Kanye West’s 2007 album Graduation, and a whole lot more besides.

Tracks featured in this episode:

  1. 2 Nazty, “Can’t Say I Love You”
  2. MC Shy-D, “Shy D Is Back”
  3. 2 Nazty, “Somebody Say Ho”
  4. Raheem (The Dream) and DJ Toomp, “The Rahim Twins”
  5. Bustdown, “Nasty Bxtch”
  6. Professor Griff and the Last Asiatic Disciples, “Pawns in the Game”
  7. Poison Clan, “Dance All Nite”
  8. Pee-wee’s Playhouse, Pee-wee Herman, Cowboy Curtis (Laurence Fishburne)
  9. Tony Rock , “She Put Me In A Trance”
  10. Tony Rock, “Don’t Go Out Like A Sucka”
  11. Poison Clan, ”Shake Whatcha Mama Gave Ya”
  12. Luke, “I Wanna Rock”
  13. Native Nuttz, “40 oz. OF FUNK”
  14. Luke, “Cowards in Compton (Album Dirty Version”
  16. LL Cool J, “I’m Bad”
  17. Rock Master Scott and The Dynamic Three, “The Roof Is On Fire”
  18. Chad and Jermaine, “Jam Hard”
  19. 2 Live Crew, “In the Dust”
  20. 2 Live Crew, “In the Dust”
  21. Eddie Kane & DeVille, “Push ‘Em Up”
  22. Ras Kass- Patchwerk Freestyle (That Tight 32 On Thursday) (SPITFIRE EXCLUSIVE)
  23. P.A. f/T.I.P., “Down Flat”
  24. T.I., “24s”
  25. T.I, “Dope Boyz”
  26. Three 6 Mafia, “Tear Da Club Up”
  27. UGK, “Diamonds and Wood”
  28. Nas, “Represent”
  29. T.I., “Look What I Got”
  30. Juvenile f/Mannie Fresh & Lil Wayne, “Back That Azz Up”
  31. T.I., “Do It”
  32. T La Rock, “Bass Machine”
  33. MC Shy-D, “Shake It”
  34. Mantronix, “Megamix”
  35. Latin Rascals Mastermix - 98.7 Kiss FM New York 1984 (1)
  36. T.I, “What You Know”
  37. 2 Nazty, “Can’t Say I Love You”
  38. T.I., “Doin’ My Job”
  39. T.I., “Let Me Tell You Something
  40. Jeezy f/T.I., “I Got Money”
  41. Kanye West, “Can’t Tell Me Nothing”
  42. Kanye West f/Jeezy, “Can’t Tell Me Nothing (Official Remix)”
  43. Kanye West, “Can’t Tell Me Nothing”
  44. Sneaky Sound System, “I Aint Over You”
  45. Kanye West f/T-Pain, “Good Life”
  46. Kanye West f/T-Pain, “Good Life”
  47. Prince, “It’s Gonna Be Lonely”
  48. Kanye West, “Big Brother”
  49. Roberta Flack, “Gone Away”
  50. Kanye West, “Big Brother”
  51. Nas, “N.I...E.R. (The Slave and the Master)”
  52. Young Thug, “Digits”
  53. T.I., “Do It”
  54. MC Shy-D, “Shake It”
  55. MC Shy-D, “Got It Good”
  56. MC Shy-D, “I Don’t Want to Treat You Wrong”
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