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Richard “Crazy Legs” Colon is a b-boying pioneer and the longtime president of the Rock Steady Crew, arguably the most famous b-boy crew in the world. He joined the Rock Steady crew in its early days, and quickly rose to become its leader. As early as 1981, he was already getting press attention as one of the best dancers out there in the still-new form of b-boying or breaking, and he invented many of the moves we still associate with breaking today.

Crazy Legs and the Rock Steady Crew would make a series of genre-changing appearances: in movies like Wild Style, Beat Street, and Flashdance; bringing hip-hop to Europe as part of the historic New York City Rap Tour; and even recording a hit album.

After b-boying’s popularity dipped and many of the original dancers retired, Crazy Legs reinvigorated the Rock Steady Crew in the early 1990s, spurring them and b-boying on to even greater heights - performing at Lincoln Center, winning a prestigious New York Dance and Performance Award, and much more.

We spoke to Crazy Legs at on on the playground AND in the Principal’s office at PS 163 in on the Upper West Side, the home of Rock Steady Park.

Tracks featured in this episode:

  1. Stan Smoove, “Frosty Freeze”
  2. MF DOOM f/Pebbles the Invisible Girl, “Doomsday”
  3. Rock Steady For Life / Fundraiser For Puerto Rico
  4. The Jimmy Castor Bunch, “It’s Just Begun”
  5. The Whispers, “Rock Steady”
  6. Grandmaster Flash, “Beat Street - 12” Single version”
  7. Jean Grae f/Block McCloud, “Style Wars”
  8. Big L, “Power Moves”
  9. Beastie Boys, “Shake Your Rump”
  10. Graffiti Rock opening credits
  11. DJ Grand Wizard Theodore, “Military Cut”
  12. Rammellzee & K-Rob, “Beat Bop”
  13. Combustible Edison, “Spy Vs. Spy”
  15. Stevie Wonder, “Golden Lady”
  16. Johnny Mathis, “Chances Are”
  17. The New York City Breakers
  18. The Rock Steady Crew, “(Hey You) The Rock Steady Crew”
  19. Style Wars Outtakes: SHY 147
  20. Dondi White
  22. Style Wars Outtakes: Rock Steady Crew
  23. Flashdance - It’s just begun by Jimmy Castor Bunch
  24. Flashdance - Final Dance / What A Feeling (1983)
  25. Bouncing Cats (Trailer)
  26. Rock Steady Crew 40th Annivsary SummerStage
  27. The creation of Puerto Rock Steady / Crazy Legs

Show notes:

  1. NPR, “Richard ‘Crazy Legs’ Colón Returns To Puerto Rico With A Clean Drinking Water Mission”
  2. Flashdance - It’s just begun by Jimmy Castor Bunch
  3. Ambrosia for Heads, “Rock Steady Crew B-Boy Crazy Legs Is Providing Clean Drinking Water In Puerto Rico”
  4. Go Fund Me by Rock Steady Crew, Relief for Puerto Rico
  5. ROCK STEADY - A 1982 Documentary on The Rock Steady Crew from The Bronx.
  6. Joseph Schloss, ‘Foundation: B-boys, B-girls and Hip-Hop Culture in New York’
  7. Rock Steady for Life on Instagram
  8. McDonald’s B-Boy Royale 4
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