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Skyzoo is a fantastic Brooklyn rapper whose sophisticated lyrics and ear for soulful beats has long made him one of our favorites. Longtime listeners will no doubt remember that he’s been a guest on the show twice before. But this is different.

Sky approached us last month with the idea of having an in-depth conversation to tease out the themes and ideas in his awesome new record. In Celebration of Us, easily his most topical project to date, deals with police violence, gentrification, discrimination, validation, and ultimately what it means to be, as Sky is, a black man raising a black boy in America today.

He wanted to have the talk at a place near to his heart, so we met at Mike’s Coffee Shop. Mike’s is a Brooklyn diner that has been a staple of the rapper’s life since childhood, and remains one now that he has a child — his newborn son Miles — of his own.

Tracks featured in this episode:

  1. Skyzoo, “‘95 Bad Boy Logo”
  2. Skyzoo, “Everybody’s Fine”
  3. Skyzoo, “Heirlooms & Accessories”
  4. Skyzoo f/Saba Abraha, “Parks & Recreation”
  5. Skyzoo, “Everybody’s Fine”
  6. Skyzoo, “Short Money”
  7. Skyzoo, “Long Money”
  8. Skyzoo, “Honor Amongst Thieves”
  9. Skyzoo, “Honor Amongst Thieves”
  10. Kendrick Lamar, “DUCKWORTH.”
  11. Skyzoo f/Raheem DeVaughn, “Baker’s Dozen”
  12. Skyzoo, “Forever in a Day”
  13. Skyzoo, “Black Sambo”
  14. Skyzoo, “Forever in a Day”
  15. KRS-One, “Sound of da Police”
  16. Black M, “Alton Sterling”
  17. Fredo Santana, Lil Reese, Lil Durk, “Beef”
  18. Skyzoo, “Everybody’s Fine”
  19. Skyzoo, “Crown Holder”
  20. The Notorious B.I.G., “Big Poppa”
  21. Solange, “Interlude: Tina Taught Me”
  22. Skyzoo, “Hoodie SZN”
  23. Skyzoo, “Hoodie SZN”
  24. Skyzoo, “Black Sambo”
  25. Skyzoo, “Love Is Love”
  26. Skyzoo, “Everybody’s Fine”
  27. Skyzoo, “Everybody’s Fine”
  28. Skyzoo, “Sound Like…”
  29. Skyzoo, “Sound Like…”
  30. Skyzoo, “Sound Like…”
  31. Skyzoo, “Heirlooms & Accessories”
  32. Skyzoo, “Crown Holder”
  33. Skyzoo f/Saba Abraha, “Parks & Recreation”
  34. Nas, “The World Is Yours”
  35. Skyzoo, “The Stick-Up Tape From ‘Menace’”
  36. Nas, “N.Y. State of Mind”
  37. Skyzoo, “Heirlooms & Accessories”
  38. Skyzoo, “Love Is Love”
  39. Diffrent types of Weed smokers
  40. Skyzoo, “Steel’s Apartment”
  41. Jay Z, “Girls, Girls, Girls (Part 2)”
  42. Skyzoo, “The Stick-Up Tape From ‘Menace’”
  43. Skyzoo f/Jake&Papa, “Collateral”

Show notes:

  1. Skyzoo wearing Kinship’s Black Panther varsity jacket
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