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This week, we talk to Buckshot, the creative force behind the classic group Black Moon and the co-founder of the seminal underground label Duck Down Records. He recently released The Solution, a duo project with producer 9th Wonder. We spoke to him about that great record, as well as his classic work with Black Moon. His candor and unique outlook led to a fascinating conversation!

Tracks featured in this episode:

  1. 9th Wonder & Buckshot, “Keep It Going”
  2. Mtume, “Juicy Fruit”
  3. Black Moon, “Who Got Da Props”
  4. 9th Wonder & Buckshot, “The Big Bang”
  5. The D.O.C., “It’s Funky Enough”
  6. The Cipher Episode 10: A.G. and O.C.
  7. 9th Wonder & Buckshot, “Crazy”
  8. Dolomite, “The Signified Monkey”
  9. Pigmeat Markham, “Here Comes the Judge”
  10. 9th Wonder & Buckshot, “Crazy”
  11. 9th Wonder & Buckshot, “Stop Rapping”
  12. 9th Wonder & Buckshot, “SAM”
  13. 9th Wonder & Buckshot, “Stop Rapping”
  14. 9th Wonder & Buckshot, “The Big Bang”
  15. 9th Wonder & Buckshot, “The Solution”
  16. Tupac Says Illuminati Doesn’t Exist: Rare Interview
  17. Mark Dice, Jay-Z: Illuminati Musical Satanism: The Documentary
  18. Mitt Romney Flip Flops | Mitt Romney abortion | Mitt Romney global warming | Mitt Romney Obamacare
  19. 9th Wonder & Buckshot, “Pat Em Down”
  20. Biz Markie, “Albee Square Mall”
  21. Black Moon, “I Got Cha Opin”
  22. Black Moon, “Buck Em Down”
  23. Buckshot, “Breath Control”
  24. KRS-One, “Black Cop”
  25. Black Moon, “Slave”
  26. Black Moon, “Slave”
  27. Coolio f/L.V., “Gangsta’s Paradise”
  28. MC Hammer, “U Can’t Touch This”
  29. MC Hammer, “2 Legit 2 Quit”
  30. MC Hammer, “The Addams Family Groove”

Show notes:

  1. Wikipedia entry about Jomo Kenyatta
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