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This episode, we talk to DJ and producer Mr. Len. Len is best known for his work with underground rap heroes Company Flow. In addition to his DJ duties there, he also has two superb solo projects to his name (including the upcoming Marvels of Yestermorrow), and continues to DJ for a wide variety of hip-hop artists, including Jean Grae.

Len is joined by special guest MeLa Machinko, a superb singer who has been on the hooks of some of your favorite rap songs. Her upcoming album is called Hov Said It Best.

Tracks featured in this episode:

  1. Company Flow, “Suzy Pulled A Pistol On Henry”
  2. Company Flow, “Lune TNS”
  3. Company Flow, “8 Steps to Perfection”
  4. Company Flow, “Shadows Drown”
  5. J. Dilla, “Time: The Donut Of The Heart”
  6. Company Flow, “The Fire In Which You Burn”
  7. El-P, “The Full Retard”
  8. Mr. Len, “Ultra Shave Kit”
  9. Big Juss, “You Must Be Sniffin”
  10. Gang Starr, “Mass Appeal”
  11. Material f/Juggaknots, Breeze, & Queen Heroine, “This Morning”
  12. Mr. Len & Agents of Man f/Amplifire, “Force Fed”
  13. Mr. Len, Mr. Live & Chubb Rock, “Dummy Smacks”
  14. Mr. Len & Lord Sear, “Girl (Got To Give It To Me)”
  15. Phillip Glass, “Music in Twelve Parts”
  16. Mr. Len & Jean Grae f/The Melon Bayside High Drama Club, “Taco Day”
  17. Mr. Len, “Automated Love Hole”
  18. Mr. Len, “Behold the Marvels”
  19. Kung Faux ~ iLL MaSteR pt 3/3
  20. El-P f/Cage, “Habeas Corpses (Draconian Love)”
  21. Jean Grae Live in Concert
  22. El-P, “Deep Space 9mm”
  23. Mr. Len, “Automated Love Hole”
  24. Jay Z & Linkin Park, “Dirt Off Your Shoulder/Lying From You”
  25. Mela Machinko f/Probe Rok, “Theme Song”
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