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This episode, we talk the best of old-school NYC life and hip-hop with two folks who know it better than almost anybody. MC Serch is best known for his work with 3rd Bass, but has also executive produced classic albums (including a little one called Illmatic), hosted TV shows, and more.

Blake “KEO” Lethem is a true hip-hop Renaissance man. From being an influential graffiti artist to arguably the first white rapper to designing album covers for the likes of MF DOOM, Blake has seen and done it all, and shares much of it with us here. We talk nightlife, stardom, graffiti’s TRUE relationship to hip-hop, and that time Hammer put out a hit on 3rd Bass.

Annotated excerpts on

  1. High school buddies
  2. Graf and hip-hop culture: the REAL story
  3. How Serch got his name
  4. 80s NYC nightlife
  5. Battling at the BK
  6. MC Hitman?

Show notes:

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