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Hempstead, Long Island’s Roc Marciano started his career out learning from the best, working closely with artists like Busta Rhymes and Pete Rock, but went solo in 2010 with the album Marcberg. Since breaking out into the spotlight, Marciano has been praised for his dynamic, soulful production and funny, clever rhymes - just some of the elements to his music that make him successful as a solo act.

We spoke to Roc about his fashion influences (the era of all velour suits, Nike Air Maxes, Pelle Soda Club jackets…), the way he first heard the music that shaped his own, the power of “blend tapes”, and more.

Annotated excerpts on

  1. Excerpt #1: Public Enemy
  2. Excerpt #2: The Influence of Rakim
  3. Excerpt #3: The Age of Blend Tapes
  4. Excerpt #4: Style Back in The Day

Show notes:

  1. Marci Beaucoup in Pitchfork
  2. Marci Beaucoup in XXL
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