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Most people know author Adam Mansbach from his 2011 “children’s book for adults,” Go the Fuck to Sleep. It became a sensation and led to readings by Werner Herzog and Samuel L. Jackson, a movie deal, a popular GTFTS-themed Obama ad, and countless morning show appearances. Now he returns with a sequel, You Have to Fucking Eat — a funny and realistic take on a whole new parenting challenge.

Regular listeners know that Adam does much more than write books with curses in the title. We discussed his literary novels and life in jazz in our first talk. This time, we talk screenwriting, thrillers, middle grade books, and the best child rappers of all time.

Tracks featured in this episode:

  1. Jordy, “Dur Dur D’etre Bebe”
  2. Onyx, “Bichasbootleguz”
  3. Boogie Down Productions, “Criminal Minded”
  4. Talib Kweli (f/Jean Grae), “Uh Oh”
  5. Dean Martin, “Monologue (Live @ The Sands Hotel 6-9-63)”
  6. Kwamé The Boy Genius, “Push The Panic Button!!!”
  7. Chi-Ali, “Age Ain’t Nothin’ but a #”
  8. Chi-Ali, “Funky Lemonade”
  9. Chi-Ali, “Let the Horns Blow”
  10. Chi-Ali, “Funky Lemonade (Remix)”
  11. Bill Lynch, “This is the Theme to Garry’s Show”
  12. Scene from Casino, 1995
  13. Trailer for Adventures in Babysitting, 1987
  14. Scene from Pulp Fiction, 1994
  15. Goldstar63 (via YouTube), “Song for my Father”
  16. “Wake the Fuck Up” (Barack Obama ad), 2012
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