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In Part 2 of our epic sit-down with Prince Paul, we talk Psychoanalysis and A Prince Among Thieves; making records with Everlast, MF DOOM, MC Paul Barman, and Dino-5; and even the cult tv show that cemented his bond with Dan the Automator. 

We also find out what was behind his most disturbing song, what it’s like at the lows between career peaks, and, of course, the kind of presents John Waters sends to his daughter. Plus, he shares his reaction to the “Blurred Lines” verdict, and gives us an exclusive peek into his upcoming projects.

If you missed Part 1 of our interview with Paul, you can find it here.

Tracks featured in this episode:

  1. Prince Paul f/Sha, Breeze & Superstar, “Put the Next Man On”
  2. Prince Paul f/Sha, “A Prince Among Thieves”
  3. Prince Paul f/Everlast, “The Men In Blue”
  4. Chino XL f/Ras Kass, “Riiiot!”
  5. 2Pac f/Outlawz & Prince Ital Joe, “Hit ‘Em Up”
  6. 2Pac Vs Chino XL (Dissin’) Beef (via YouTube)
  7. Prince Paul, “Beautiful Night”
  8. The B-52’s, “Love Shack”
  9. Janet Jackson, “Black Cat”
  10. George Clinton, “Tweakin’ (Remix)”
  11. Queen Latifah f/De La Soul, “Mama Gave Birth To The Soul Children”
  12. Billy Squier, “Big Beat”
  13. MC Paul Barman, “Salvation Barmy”
  14. MC Paul Barman, “Enter Pan-Man”
  15. 3rd Bass f/Zev Love X, “The Gas Face”
  16. The Cipher Episode 13: Kurious
  17. MF DOOM, “Doomsday”
  18. The Cipher Episode 34: Dante Ross
  19. M, “Pop Muzik”
  20. Resident Alien, “Ooh The Dew Doo Man”
  21. Resident Alien, “Mr. Boops”
  22. Horror City, “Headbounty”
  23. The Dix, “Here Comes the Dix”
  24. The Rise and Fall of the Dix
  25. Handsome Boy Modeling School, “Father Speaks”
  26. Dr. Octagon, “Blue Flowers (Prince Paul’s So Beautiful Mix)”
  27. Get A Life, “Married”
  28. Get A Life, “The Prettiest Week of My Life”
  29. Handsome Boy Modeling School f/Mike Patton, “Are You Down With It”
  30. Handsome Boy Modeling School f/Del the Funky Homosapien, “Magnetizing”
  31. Handsome Boy Modeling School f/Jack Johnson, “Breakdown”
  32. Handsome Boy Modeling School f/Cat Power, “I’ve Been Thinking”
  33. Musician Impossible: Prince Paul, “New Orleans Bounce”
  34. All Purpose Show, Season 1 Episode 1
  35. John Waters Interview With Prince Paul (Scion AV)
  36. Robin Thicke f/T.I. & Pharrell Williams, “Blurred Lines”
  37. Marvin Gaye, “Got To Give It Up”
  38. Britney Spears, “I’m a Slave 4 U”
  39. Vanity 6, “Nasty Girl”
  40. Nelly, “Hot In Herre”
  41. Chuck Brown and the Soul Searchers, “Bustin’ Loose”
  42. The Dino-5, “story part 1-pick out a book”
  43. The Dino-5, “dino-5 theme”
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