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Sput is a drummer, keyboardist, and producer who consistently plays with the top acts in the world. Hip-hop fans have heard his work with Snoop Dogg, Timbaland, and Kendrick Lamar. But in addition to that, the Dallas native has played with everyone from Erykah Badu to Celine Dion to his main gig, the instrumental powerhouse band Snarky Puppy.

But back before all that, Sput got his start as a part of Kirk Franklin’s Grammy-winning group God’s Property, which he played in as a teenager - and whose lineup, incidentally, was a who’s-who of future star musicians.

Tracks featured in this episode:

  1. Adele, “One And Only”
  2. Kirk Franklin & God’s Property, “Stomp (Remix)”
  3. God’s Property, “My Life Is In Your Hands”
  4. Shaun Martin, “The Torrent”
  5. Irene Cara, “Fame”
  6. Terrace Martin f/Robert Glasper, “It’s Yours”
  7. P Diddy Soul Train Awards Official Performance
  8. Kamasi Washington, “Leroy and Lanisha”
  9. Kenny Garrett, “Boogety Boogety”
  10. The Hawkins Family, “Jesus Christ Is The Way”
  11. Paul Simon, “50 Ways to Leave Your Lover”
  12. The Hawkins Family, “God Has Signed My Name”
  13. Prince, “Soft and Wet”
  14. Snoop Doggy Fizzle Televizzle
  15. Jay Z, “Heart Of The City (Ain’t No Love) - Live”
  16. Snoop Dogg, “Fresh Pair of Panties On”
  17. Timbaland & Justin Timberlake - Carry Out (Live) HD
  18. James Brown, “Funky Drummer – Pt. 1 & 2”
  19. Kendrick Lamar, “For Free? (Interlude)”
  20. Kendrick Lamar, “Hood Politics”
  21. Kendrick Lamar, “For Free? (Interlude)”
  22. Kendrick Lamar, “For Free? (Interlude)”
  23. Ghost-Note, “Jungle Boogie”
  24. Robert Sput Searight, “Balm In Gilead”
  25. Robert Sput Searight, “Down By The Riverside”
  26. (HD) Justin Bieber - Baby live pepsi Super Bowl with lyrics (cc)
  27. Episode 1: Clyde Stubblefield and John Jabo Starks, the Funkmasters Interview
  28. Bob Carlisle, “Butterfly Kisses”
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