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Paradise Gray began his career in hip-hop under the tutelage of masters like Pete DJ Jones and Disco King Mario. However, he really hit his stride when he began booking hip-hop acts and hosting in 1986 at a nightclub in the heart of Times Square called the Latin Quarter. While at the club, he would have a front row seat to the introduction of a new generation of hip-hop artists—the key acts in what would come to be called the genre’s Golden Age.

After the club closed in 1988, Paradise would form the group X-Clan with some friends, and deliver some of the most powerful, conscious rap records of all time.

Paradise has a new book about his time at the LQ called No Half Steppin’: An Oral and Pictorial History of New York City Club the Latin Quarter and the Birth of Hip-Hop’s Golden Era.

Tracks featured in this episode:

  2. Just-Ice f/KRS-One, “Going Way Back”
  3. James Brown, “Give It Up Or Turnit A Loose”
  4. Just Four, “Girls of the World”
  5. Tracy Morgan David Letterman Interview
  6. Gang Starr, “JFK 2 LAX”
  7. 4 By Four, “Come Over”
  9. Emskee ~ Awesome Two Promo (WNWK 105.9FM) ~ Radio Promos EP Teaneck NJ
  10. LL Cool J freestyle @ After Midnight in Philly (1985)
  11. Unknown, “Motion in the Ocean”
  12. The Best Of DEBO
  13. Kool Moe Dee, “How Ya Like Me Now - Longer Version”
  14. LL Cool J, “Jack The Ripper”
  15. The UNTOLD story of KRS One Battling Melle Mel at the Latin Quarter NYC
  16. James Brown, “Funky Drummer”
  17. Ultramagnetic MC’s, “Ego Trippin’ (Original 12 Version)”
  18. Stetsasonic, “Go Stetsa I”
  19. Cutmaster Dc, “Brooklyn’s In The House”
  20. Eric B. & Rakim, “Paid In Full”
  21. Heather Hunter, “I Want It All Night Long”
  22. DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince, “Girls Ain’t Nothing But Trouble”
  23. 1 DJ Jazzy Jeff & Fresh Prince-LIVE @ Union Square, NYC, 1987 Rap & Hip-Hop 128kbps 01
  24. Schoolly D, “P.S.K. ‘What Does It Mean’?”
  25. Schoolly D, “Gucci Time”
  26. Schoolly-D at The Latin Quarter - Old School Hip-Hop 1986
  27. Boogie Down Productions, “The Bridge Is Over”
  28. Boogie Down Productions, “Super Hoe”
  29. KRS-One f/Mad Lion, “Wannabemceez”
  30. Tony Touch f/KRS-One, Kool G. Rap, & Big Daddy Kane, “Class of ’87”
  31. X-Clan, “Foreplay”
  32. X-Clan, “Fire & Earth (100% Natural)
  33. Hardcore, “Take It From The Top”
  34. Coleridge-Taylor Perkinson, “The Robbery And The Chase”
  35. Chubb Rock w/Hitman Howie Tee, “Caught Up (Remix)”
  36. Kool G. Rap & DJ Polo f/Big Daddy Kane & Biz Markie, “Erase Racism”
  37. X-Clan, “A Day Of Outrage, Operation Snatchback”
  38. X-Clan, “A Day Of Outrage, Operation Snatchback”
  39. Hip Hop Against Apartheid, “Ndodemnyama (Free South Africa)”
  40. The Life of the Mind with Dr. Goddess: Paradise Gray’s Hip Hop History Part 2 of 2

Show notes:

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