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G Koop is your favorite producer’s secret weapon. In addition to being a successful beatmaker on his own for artists like Gift of Gab and Nelly, Koop has carved out a successful career as the go-to guy for sample replays. He can re-create nearly any song, from any era, and has done so for artists like Drake, Ice Cube, MF DOOM, Scarface, and countless others.

Lately, he has taken that one step further, and begun creating his own compositions for other producers to sample. That music has been the basis for songs by Future, 21 Savage, 2 Chainz. and even Migos’ recent number one smash hit “Bad and Boujee.”

Tracks featured in this episode:

  1. Miles Davis, “So What”
  2. Grateful Dead, “Fire on the Mountain”
  3. Phish, “Stash”
  4. Sonny Clark, “Cool Struttin’”
  5. Wynton Kelly, “Someday My Prince Will Come”
  6. Jamey Haddad, “Moonlight on the Ganges”
  7. Edan f/Mr. Lif, “Making Planets”
  8. Fiber, “Planecrash”
  9. Edan, “Sing It Shitface”
  10. Edan f/Mr. Lif, “Rapperfection”
  11. Mr. Lif & Edan, “Get Wise ‘91”
  12. Edan, “Syllable Practice”
  13. Jimmy Smith, “Back Talk”
  14. Figures’ People, “Reggie”
  15. Welcome to G Koop & O-man YouTube Channel
  16. The Beatles, “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band - Reprise”
  17. De La Soul f/MF DOOM, “Rock Co.Kane Flow”
  18. Subkrew, “Clockwork”
  19. Subkrew, “Knightlife”
  20. Izrell, “The Streets”
  21. Obie Trice, “Got Hungry”
  22. Eternia & Moss f/Jessica Kaya, “Played Out”
  23. Jimi Hendrix, “Voodoo Child (Slight Return)”
  24. Grateful Dead, “Shakedown Street”
  25. The Temptation, “Papa Was A Rollin’ Stone - Single Version”
  26. Young Buck, “Clean Up Man”
  27. Lil Scrappy f/50 Cent, “Nigga What’s Up”
  28. The Cipher Episode 129: Jake One
  29. Young Buck, “Clean Up Man”
  30. Lil Scrappy f/50 Cent, “Nigga What’s Up”
  31. Freeway & Jake, “She Makes Me Feel Alright”
  32. Brother Ali, “Stop the Press”
  33. Freeway & Jake One, “Throw Your Hands Up”
  34. Kid Cudi, “50 Ways To Make A Record”
  35. Paul Simon, “50 Ways to Leave Your Lover”
  36. NhT Boyz, “Cheese”
  37. Seventh Wonder, “Daisy Lady”
  38. Davinci (aka J. Davinci), “Ben”
  39. Gift Of Gab f/Raashan Ahmad & Zumbi
  40. Gift Of Gab, “Wack But Good People”
  41. Gift Of Gab, “Protocol”
  42. Obie Trice, “Welcome”
  43. Obie Trice, “You’ve Been Slain”
  44. Jake One & G Koop, “Rain”
  45. Future, “The Percocet & Stripper Joint”
  46. Frank Dukes & Chester Hansen, “Vibez”
  47. Drake, “0 To 100/The Catch Up”
  48. Jake One & G Koop, “Same Piano aka I Got The Keys Sample”
  49. DJ Khaled f/Jay Z & Future, “I Got the Keys”
  50. Dj Khaled’s Price Goes Up! New Management Alert: Jay Z is Dj Khaled’s Manager (WSHH Exclusive)
  51. Southside Shares DJ Khaled Surprise with Jay Z, “TLOP” Sessions, and More with DJ Whoo Kid
  52. Migos f/Lil Uzi Vert, “Bad and Boujee”
  53. Kodak Black, “Tunnel Vision”
  54. 21 Savage, “Ocean Drive”
  55. 21 Savage, “Ocean Drive”
  56. Drake, “Furthest Thing”
  57. Drake, “Furthest Thing”
  58. “Hold On, For We’re Going Home” (1990) Corinthian Temple COGIC Choir
  59. “Hold On, For We’re Going Home” (1990) Corinthian Temple COGIC Choir
  60. Drake, “Furthest Thing”
  61. Funkadelic, “Ain’t That Funkin’ Kinda Hard on You?”
  62. Funkadelic, “Pole Power”

Show notes:

  1. DJ Booth, “Meet G Koop, Your Favorite Producer’s Secret Sample Clearance Weapon”
  2. Mix Online, “Geoff Emerick”
  3. NPR Music, “This Beat’s For You: The Making Of Drake’s ‘Furthest Thing’”
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