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Mr. Lif has had a key role in a number of music success stories, from the rise of the Boston hip-hop scene to the reign of underground rap empire Def Jux to the continued worldwide popularity of Thievery Corporation. We explore his entire career, from the very first songs and freestyle sessions to his newest group, Terra Bella.

We make plenty of stops along the way at his key moments – his fiery 9/11 response “Home of the Brave,” the powerful 2002 concept album I Phantom, his development into a celebrated live performer, and more.

Tracks featured in this episode:

  1. Mr. Lif, “Mr. Lif Freestyle” (from Newbury Freestyle II)
  2. Mr. Lif, “Madness in a Cup”
  3. Mr. Lif, “Elektro”
  4. Mr. Lif and Akrobatik, “Akrobatik, Mr. Lif Freestyle 3” (from Newbury Freestyle II)
  5. Mr. Lif & Akrobatik are The Perceptionists, “People 4 Prez”
  6. Akrobatik, “Internet MC’s”
  7. Mr. Lif, “Intro”
  8. Mr. Lif, “Home of the Brave”
  9. Mr. Lif, “Home of the Brave”
  10. Mr. Lif f/El-P, “Phantom”
  11. Mr. Lif, “Bad Card”
  12. Mr. Lif, “A Glimpse At The Struggle”
  13. Mr. Lif, “Return Of The B-Boy
  14. Mr. Lif f/ Aesop Rock, “Success”
  15. Mr. Lif, “The Now”
  16. Mr. Lif, “Friends And Neighbors”
  17. Mr. Lif f/ Insight, “Iron Helix”
  18. Mr. Lif, “Pull Out Your Cut”
  19. Thievery Corporation, “Unified Tribes”
  20. Thievery Corporation, “Culture of Fear”
  21. Terra Bella, “Shine Bright”
  22. Terra Bella, “Let the Rhythm Just”
  23. Mr. Lif, “Obama”
  24. Mr. Lif, “Gun Fight”
  25. Mr. Lif, “Hatred”
  26. Complex, “John Legend’s Oscar Speech About Rates of Black Correctional Control is Factually Correct”
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