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Bishop Lamont is one of the West Coast’s premiere lyricists. He first came to rap fans’ attention with his 2004 mixtape Who I Gotta Kill To Get A Record Deal. The title proved prophetic, as shortly afterwards he was scooped up by Dr. Dre.

During his time on Aftermath, Bishop released a ton of fantastic free “street albums,” but not a proper debut, and he left the label after several years in limbo. His latest release is The (P)Reformation, and his long-awaited album The Reformation will be out later this year.

We talked to the often-controversial rapper about his relationships with Dilla and Proof, how he was rhyming about Selma before it was cool, his pre-rap life as a stuntman – and, of course, cartoons. Plenty of cartoons.

Tracks featured in this episode:

  1. MK Asante f/ Bishop Lamont, Ras Kass, Talib Kweli, “Godz N The Hood”
  2. Bishop Lamont, “Excuse Me Bitch”
  3. Bishop Lamont, “Settle Down”
  4. Bishop Lamont, “The Truth”
  5. Ram Dass, “Awareness”
  6. Bishop Lamont, “American Dream”
  7. 1964 NBC NEWS SPECIAL REPORT: Chaney, Goodman & Schwerner
  8. Bishop Lamont, “Land of the Free”
  9. Bishop Lamont, “Street Theology
  10. Bishop Lamont, “Get My Gun”
  11. Bishop Lamont, “The (P)Reformation Intro”
  12. Bishop Lamont, “Klansmen”
  13. Bishop Lamont f/ Rev. Keep It Crackin & Bilal, “Pope Mobile Intro/Heaven”
  14. Bishop Lamont, “Send A Nigga Home”
  15. Bishop Lamont and Black Milk, “Caltroit”
  16. Bishop Lamont, “Murdering PSA”
  17. Bishop Lamont, “Wake Up”
  18. Bishop Lamont, “Nigger”
  19. Bishop Lamont, “Hood Psalm”
  20. Bishop Lamont, “Bad Girl”
  21. Bishop Lamont, “The Truth”
  22. Chris Rock, Bigger and Blacker (excerpt)
  23. Guardian Wires, “Chelsea fans prevent black man boarding Paris metro train”
  24. The Telegraph, “Chelsea fans racism victim speaks out following abuse on Paris metro”
  25. WeAllBe TV, “Bro. Dick Gregory Unchained: J. Edgar Hoover Ordered A MAFIA Hit On Dick Gregory!!!”
  26. Star Trek theme
  27. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles theme
  28. The Real Ghostbusters theme
  29. Duck Tales theme
  30. Darkwing Duck theme
  31. Chip’N’Dale Rescue Rangers theme
  32. TaleSpin theme
  33. Duck Tales (excerpt)
  34. Puff Daddy f/ Jay-Z & Notorious B.I.G, “Young G’s”
  35. “Scrooge McDuck and Money”
  36. Jay Z, “U Don’t Know”

Show notes:

  1. Moorbey’z Blog: Komrade Alprentice “Bunchy” Carter
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