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Stevie Stone is an emcee who is part of the Strange Music family. However, his gravely voice and powerful vision make him stand out even among that talented crew. Stevie started out signed to Eazy-E’s Ruthless Records, but quickly joined the Strange family—an appropriate move, since for his very first show, he shared the stage with the label’s co-founder and flagship artist Tech N9ne.

Since then, Stevie has made a series of powerful and often experimental albums, including 2015’s Malta Bend, which explored his mother’s childhood in the small Missouri town of that name. His new album, out this past Friday, is Level Up.

Tracks featured in this episode:

  1. Stevie Stone, “The Whole Rap”
  2. The Underworld, “Comin From the City”
  3. Nelly, “Country Grammar (Hot Shit)”
  4. The Underworld, “Comin From the City”
  5. Stevie Stone, “Wait a Minute”
  6. Stevie Stone, “I’m a Rida”
  7. Omega f/Dex Hayes, “The Banger”
  8. Stevie Stone f/D. PerryMan, “Get It In the Hood”
  9. Stevie Stone, “New Kid Intro”
  10. Hopsin, “I’m Here”
  11. Stevie Stone, “Hatin”
  12. Stevie Stone f/George Clinton, “Red Wine”
  13. Funkadelic, “One Nation Under a Groove”
  14. Stevie Stone f/George Clinton, “Red Wine”
  15. Stevie Stone, “I Smoke”
  16. Stevie Stone f/DB Bantino, “Whippin’ Up”
  17. Stevie Stone f/DB Bantino, “Crushin’”
  18. Terror Squad, “Lean Back”
  19. Steamboat Malta: The Search for Sunken Treasure
  20. Stevie Stone f/Tyler Leon, “Malta Bend”
  21. Stevie Stone, “Legacy”
  22. Stevie Stone, “Ambition and Motivation”
  23. Stevie Stone, “Legacy”
  24. Stevie Stone f/Wrekonize, Magnum P.I., & Bernz, “The Road”
  25. Stevie Stone f/Tech N9ne, “808 Bendin’”
  26. Mystikal, “Bouncin’ Back (Bumpin’ Me Against The Wall)”
  27. Stevie Stone f/Tech N9ne & Mystikal, “Rain Dance”
  28. Stevie Stone, “Intro”
  29. Stevie Stone f/Krizz Kalico, “Perfect Stranger”
  30. Stevie Stone f/Krizz Kalico, “Boomerang”
  31. Stevie Stone f/Krizz Kalico, “Phases”
  32. Stevie Stone, “Options”
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