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Tech is a Kansas City rapper who has started an empire with his label Strange Music. He began his career back in the mid-1990s, landing several record deals with the likes of Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, and Quincy Jones.

But it wasn’t until Tech N9ne let all of that go and started his own label Strange Music in 1999 with his partner Travis O’Guin that things really took off. Tech came back with a new, rock-influenced sound and a sharper creative vision. He spent years touring hard behind it, building a devoted fanbase that sustains him and the label to this day.

Tech’s new album, out December 9th, is The Storm.

Tracks featured in this episode:

  1. Tech N9ne f/The Popper & Rich The Factor, “Kansas City”
  2. KMBC wayne miner housing projects demolition 1987
  3. Tech N9ne, “The P.A.S.E.O (The Poem Aaron Saw Extra Ordinary)”
  4. Tech N9ne, “Now It’s on f/Lejo”
  5. Tech N9ne f/Big Scoob & Young Devi D, “Buss Serves”
  6. Tech N9ne, “No Runnin To Ya Mama”
  7. Tech N9ne f/Don Juan, “Mizzizy Gets Bizzy”
  8. Tech N9ne f/Larone Burnette & Solé, “Clueless”
  9. Tech N9ne f/Kon Juan, Big Scoob, Short Nutty, & L.V., “Soldiers at War”
  10. Tech N9ne, “Imma Tell”
  11. Tech N9ne, “This Is Me”
  12. Tech N9ne f/Kendrick Lamar, ¡Mayday!, & Kendall Morgan, “Fragile”
  13. Tech N9ne f/2 Chainz & B.o.B., “Hood Go Crazy”
  14. Tech N9ne,”Get Off Me”
  15. Tech N9ne,”I Get It Now”
  16. Tech N9ne, “What If It Was Me”
  17. Tech N9ne, “The Martini”
  18. Black Mafia, “Dat Itch”
  19. Black Mafia, “Dat Itch”
  20. Tech N9ne, “What If It Was Me”
  21. Tech N9ne | Rockfest 2015 Recap - Kansas City, MO
  22. Nnutthowze Footage #2 - Tech N9ne & Zkeircrow Performing At The Granada
  23. agginy
  24. Tech N9ne, “Here Comes Tecca Nina”
  25. Sway & Tech Feat. Eminem - The Anthem (Uncensored) [HD]
  26. Tech N9ne, “Planet Rock 2K (Down South Mix)”
  27. Tech N9ne, “Planet Rock 2K (Down South Mix)”
  28. Tech N9ne, “Trauma”
  29. Carrie (1976) - Original Trailer
  30. John Carpenter, “Halloween Theme - Main Title”
  31. Tech N9ne, “Psycho Bitch”
  32. Tech N9ne, “Trauma”
  33. He’ll flip ya HD
  34. Tech N9ne, “Trauma”
  35. Evil Dead II: Dead by Dawn (1987)
  36. Evil Dead II - “Swallow this!”
  37. Tech N9ne, “Niggas”
  38. Tech N9ne, “If I Could”
  39. Tech N9ne Collabos f/Ces Cru, “PBSA”
  40. Tech N9ne f/Krizz Kaliko, “Ego Trippin”
  41. Tech N9ne - The Thing ( From The Storm Album ) 2016
  42. Liquid Assassin f/Tech N9ne & Black Pegasus, “Serious”
  43. Tech N9ne, “This Ring”
  44. Tech N9ne f/Big Krizz Kaliko, Dalima, & D-Loc, “Midwest Choppers”
  45. Tech N9ne, “The Industry Is Punks”
  46. Tech N9ne f/Wrekonize, Snow Tha Product, Twisted Insane, “So Dope (They Wanna)”
  47. Tech N9ne f/Twisted Insane, D-Loc, U$O, JL B.Hood, Ceza, Busta Rhymes, Yelawolf & Twista, “Worldwide Choppers”
  48. MC Hammer, “Addams Groove”
  49. MC Hammer, “(Hammer, Hammer) They Put Me In The Mix”
  50. Tech N9ne f/57th Street Rogue Dog Villains, “Boss Doggs”
  51. Tech N9ne, “He Wanna Be Paid”
  52. Vell Bakardy, “Drink With Me”
  53. Tech N9ne f/Lejo, “Now It’s On”
  54. Tech N9ne, “Relish”
  55. Michael Jackson, “Thriller”

Show notes:

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  3. International Business Times, “‘Killer Clown’ Sightings Global Map 2016: Timeline Of The Creepy Phenomenon Of Threats, Arrests, School Closings And False Alarms”
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