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Erick Sermon got his start alongside Parrish Smith as a member of the iconic duo EPMD. Starting with their debut single in 1987 and their first album the following year, the group released four classic LPs in a row - a nearly unprecedented run in a still-new genre - before splitting (for the first time) in 1993. At the same time, Sermon was instrumental in finding and introducing hit acts like Das EFX, K-Solo, Keith Murray, and Redman for his Hit Squad collective. After the breakup, Erick began a successful career as a solo artist and producer, culminating in his giant 2001 hit “Music.” As a producer, he’s helmed hits for LL Cool J, Jay Z, Illegal, Jodeci, and even Shaquille O’Neal. Most recently, Sermon completed a successful campaign to crowdfund a new album.

Tracks featured in this episode:

  1. DJ Diamond the Artist, “Respect the DJ”
  2. EPMD, “Jane”
  3. Nirvana, “Jump Time”
  4. EPMD, “You Had Too Much To Drink”
  5. EPMD, “It Wasn’t Me, It Was The Fame”
  6. EPMD, “Strictly Business”
  7. EPMD, “It’s My Thing”
  8. EPMD, “The Big Payback”
  9. The J.B.’s, “(It’s Not The Express) It’s The J.B.’s Monaurail”
  10. EPMD, “Let The Funk Flow”
  11. Erick Sermon, “The Hype”
  12. Beastie Boys f/Keith Murray, Redman, Biz Markie, & Erick Sermon, “Body Movin’ (Remix)”
  13. The Sugarhill Gang, “Rapper’s Delight - Long Version”
  14. Incredible Bongo Band, “Apache”
  15. MC Hammer, “Turn This Mutha Out”
  16. Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five f/Melle Mel & Duke Bootee, “The Message”
  17. EPMD, “You’re A Customer”
  18. ZZ Top, “Cheap Sunglasses”
  19. EPMD, “You’re A Customer”
  20. Mario Winans f/Enya & P. Diddy, “I Don’t Wanna Know”
  21. Ne-Yo f/Fabolous & Diddy, “Should Be You”
  22. CNN, “Closer (Sam Sneed Remix)”
  23. Awesome 2, “Ahooga”
  24. EPMD, “It’s My Thing”
  25. EPMD, “Crossover”
  26. Zapp, “More Bounce to the Ounce”
  27. EPMD, “You Gots To Chill”
  28. EPMD, “So Wat Cha Sayin’”
  29. EPMD, “So Wat Cha Sayin’”
  30. EPMD, “I’m Mad”
  31. EPMD, “Manslaughter”
  32. RZA, “Bobby Did It (Spanish Fly)”
  33. EPMD, “Underground”
  34. EPMD, “Brothers From Brentwood, L.I.”
  35. Redman, “Time 4 Sumaksion”
  36. Redman, “Blow Your Mind”
  37. EPMD f/Redman & K-Solo, “Headbanger”
  38. Redman, “Bars”
  39. Daft Punk f/Nile Rodgers & Pharrell Williams, “Get Lucky”
  40. Method Man & Redman, “How High”
  41. Method Man & Redman, “How High”
  42. Method Man & Redman, “Da Rockwilder”
  43. Method Man & Redman, “How High - Remix”
  44. Toni Braxton, “You’re Making Me High”
  45. Method Man & Redman, “Part II”
  46. LL Cool J f/Method Man, Redman, Canibus, & DMX, “4,3,2,1”
  47. Jay Z f/The Lox, Sauce Money, & Beanie Sigel, “Reservoir Dogs”
  48. Busta Rhymes, “Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Could See”
  49. Def Squad, “Full Cooperation”
  50. LL Cool J f/Method Man, Redman, Canibus, & DMX, “4,3,2,1”
  51. Jay Z, “I Just Wanna Love U (Give It 2 Me)”
  52. Mystikal f/Nivea, “Danger (Been So Long)
  53. Mystikal, “Shake It Fast”
  54. EPMD, “You’re a Customer”
  55. EPMD, “You Gots To Chill”
  56. EPMD, “Crossover”
  57. Method Man & Redman, “How High”
  58. Def Squad, “Say Word”
  59. Keith Murray, “The Most Beautifullest Thing In This World”
  60. Keith Murray, “The Most Beautifullest Thing In This World (Green-Eyed Remix)”
  61. Keith Murray f/50 Grand, “Dangerous Ground”
  62. Keith Murray, “The Rhyme - Remix”
  63. Illegal f/Erick Sermon, “We Getz Busy”
  64. Ja Rule f/Erick Sermon, “E-Dub & Ja”
  65. The Cipher Episode 32: Big Daddy Kane (excerpt)
  66. EPMD, “Crossover”
  67. Erick Sermon, “Stay Real”
  68. Big Daddy Kane, “Show & Prove”
  69. Nas, “U.B.R. (Unauthorized Biography Of Rakim)”
  70. Erick Sermon f/Tephlon & Noah., “Ain’t Shhh to Discuss”
  71. Kickstarter, A new Erick Sermon album
  72. Michael Jordan wins 1988 NBA Slam Dunk Contest over Dominique Wilkins | ESPN Archive
  73. Iggy Azalea f/Charli XCX, “Fancy”
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