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The Arsonists were a crew formed in Bushwick in the early 1990s. D-Stroy, who began his rap career in his early teens alongside famed DJ Tony Touch in the duo Touch and D-Stroy, helped to solidify a group that would come to consist of, among others, Freestyle, Jise One, Swel Boogie, and Q-Unique. After putting out several early singles, the group was the first hip-hop act to sign to Matador Records, a label better known for indie rock. They released their debut album As the World Burns in 1999.

An intense touring schedule and its attendant stresses put pressure on the crew, and it splintered after the 2001 follow-up Date of Birth. But the Arsonists are back with a new album, Lost in the Fire, and a reissued version of their debut. Lost in the Fire features a mix of old but previously unreleased material alongside new songs.

Tracks featured in this episode:

  1. The Nomaads, “We Be Gunnin’”
  2. Snoop Dogg f/Dat Nigga Daz, “Gin And Juice”
  3. Arsonists, “Halloween”
  4. D-Stroy feat DJ Tony Touch, “Vitamin D”
  5. D-Stroy feat DJ Tony Touch, “I Ain’t Real”
  6. Arsonists, “Session”
  7. Pavement, “Stereo”
  8. Arsonists, “Venom”
  9. Skeme Team, Non Phixion, & Arsonists, “14 Years of Rap”
  10. Arsonists f/DJ Eclipse, “Intro”
  11. Arsonists, “Rhyme Time Travel”
  12. Arsonists f/Kinetic NRG, “Space Junk”
  13. Arsonists, “Shit Ain’t Sweet”
  14. Arsonists, “Seed”
  15. Arsonists, “Lunchroom Take-Out”
  16. The Roots, “@15”
  17. Arsonists, “Flashback”
  18. Arsonists, “Roc Raida Intro”
  19. Arsonists, “DJ Sinista Intro”
  20. Arsonists, “DJ Camilo Intro”
  21. Arsonists, “DJ Tony Touch Intro”
  22. X-Ecutioners f/Mike Shinoda & Mr. Hahn, “It’s Goin’ Down”
  23. Biohazard & Onyx, “Judgement Night”
  24. Arsonists, “Burn It Out”
  25. Arsonists, “Halloween”
  26. Arsonists, “”Spark ‘Em”
  27. Arsonists, “AEIOU”
  28. StillWell, “Killing Myself To Live”
  29. StillWell, “Street Metal”
  30. Fieldy, “Bucket of Funk”
  31. Kings Bounty, “Denial”
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