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MC Paul Barman first started making songs in the late 1990s, during his time at Brown University. His wild rhymes about topics like a slacker college student who becomes half man, half goat in order to become a star quickly caught the ear of legendary producer Prince Paul, who produced Barman’s 2000 EP It’s Very Stimulating. That project introduced Paul Barman to the hip-hop masses as a guy as likely to drop a reference to a Polish filmmaker as LL Cool J, and to write lyrics that incorporate elaborate rhyme schemes, acrostics, and even Morse code.

Since It’s Very Stimulating, Barman has released two full-length albums and several mixtapes. His brand-new album (((echo chamber))) is out Friday, May 18th on Mello Music Group.

Tracks featured in this episode:

  1. MC Paul Barman, “Salvation Barmy”
  2. Jay Z, “Hova Song (Outro)”
  3. MC Paul Barman, “Cock Mobster”
  4. VH1 TheBreaks RapRecap
  5. MC Paul Barman, “(((art of war)))”
  6. “Weird Al” Yankovic, “Pancreas”
  7. Nas, “U.B.R. (Unauthorized Biography Of Rakim)”
  8. MC Paul Barman, “Unauthorized Audiobiography Of Weird Al”
  9. Little Eva, “The Loco-Motion”
  10. Jean-Michel Bernard f/Moe Holmes, “Mr. Fletcher’s Song”
  11. Jean-Michel Bernard, “You Look How I Feel”
  12. MC Paul Barman f/Open Mike Eagle, “Exiled From the Getalong Gang (Memory Man Remix)”
  13. MC Paul Barman f/Open Mike Eagle, “Exiled From the Getalong Gang (Memory Man Remix)”
  14. MC Paul Barman, “The Joy of Your World”
  15. MC Paul Barman, “Back on a White Horse”
  16. MC Paul Barman, “Science”
  17. MC Paul Barman, “Lonely Piano”
  19. MC Paul Barman, “UNDOING ALONENESS”
  20. MC Paul Barman f/DOOM, “Hot Guacamole”
  21. MC Paul Barman f/DOOM, “Hot Guacamole”
  22. MC Paul Barman, “(((leapfrog)))”
  23. MC Paul Barman f/YOUNGMAN, “(((race)))”
  24. Prince Paul f/YOUNGMAN, “Girls Wanna Do Me, Guys Wanna Be My Friend”
  25. Scallops Hotel f/YOUNGMAN, “the young man has a point (nurture)”
  26. MC Paul Barman f/YOUNGMAN, “(((race)))”
  27. MC Paul Barman f/YOUNGMAN, “(((race)))”
  28. Michael Rapaport & Tyrin Turner, “Cops Following Me”
  29. MC Paul Barman f/Open Mike Eagle, “(((echo chamber)))”
  30. Kevin Devine f/Swivs, “Freddie Gray Blues”
  31. MC Paul Barman, “(((being poor)))”
  32. MC Paul Barman, “Lidgeon”
  33. MC Paul Barman, “(((commandments)))”
  34. MC Paul Barman, “(((commandments)))”
  35. [MC Paul Barman, “(((age war)))”
  36. [MC Paul Barman, “(((age war)))”
  37. Saul Williams, “Fck the Beliefs (demo)”
  38. MC Paul Barman f/Masta Ace, “((((((antennas))))))”
  39. MC Paul Barman f/Masta Ace, “((((((antennas))))))”
  40. MC Paul Barman f/Princess Superstar, “MTV Get Off the Air, Part 2”
  41. Callica - Bailey tells Callie about the Vajayjay - 504 Brave New World
  42. MC Paul Barman f/Open Mike Eagle, “(((echo chamber)))”
  43. MC Paul Barman, “N.O.W.”
  44. MC Paul Barman, “Anarchist Bookstore Part 1”
  45. Andre Williams & The Sadies, “She’s A Bag Of Potato Chips”
  46. MC Paul Barman, “Cock Mobster”
  47. MC Paul Barman, “Paullelujah”
  48. MC Paul Barman, “Paullelujah”
  49. MC Paul Barman, “Anarchist Bookstore Part 1”
  50. MC Paul Barman, “The Joy Of Your World”
  51. MC Paul Barman, “(((leapfrog)))”
  52. MC Paul Barman, “(((echo chamber)))”
  53. DJ Qbert, “Medusa (Nagas)”
  54. Bobby McFerrin & Richard Bona
  55. Mahavishnu Orchestra, “Vital Transformation”
  56. Al DiMeola, John McLaughlin, Paco de Lucia, “Mediterranean Sundance/Rio Ancho”
  57. MC Paul Barman, “Oil”
  58. MC Paul Barman, “(((Hairy Moth Owl pt. 2)))”
  59. MC Paul Barman, “(((99.99999%)))”
  60. MC Paul Barman, “(((99.99999%)))”
  61. MC Paul Barman, “(((99.99999%)))”
  62. Funky Dumpty
  63. MC Paul Barman, “(((art of war)))”
  64. MC Paul Barman, “(((meat n bone)))”
  65. MC Paul Barman, “KRS Chapter One”

Show notes:

  1. Wired, “The Science of Pop-Ups”
  2. The Seattle Times, “Listening to Paul Barman will make you smarter than listening to Mozart”
  3. Kansas Historical Society’s ‘Kansapedia’: “Bleeding Kansas”
  4. Huffington Post, “How Shonda Rhimes Unwillingly Coined The Term ‘Vajayjay’”
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