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Kalyn is a rapper and the leader of the eclectic Denver-based group Wheelchair Sports Camp, who have garnered critical acclaim for their music and their energetic live performances almost since their founding in 2009.

Wheelchair Sports Camp - named after a real camp that Kalyn, who has brittle bone disease and has been in a wheelchair her whole life - used to attend, is a group that pushes the boundaries in sound and subject matter. Most performances consist of Kalyn, drums, and trumpet, and their latest album No Big Deal explores everything from gentrification to the pressure artists put on themselves to important social issues.

In addition to being a great rapper, Kalyn is also an activist, and now a politician. She participated in a big protest against the repeal of the ACA that had her and other activists taking over a senator’s office. And now she’s running - or rather, as she puts it, rolling - for Mayor of Denver.

Tracks featured in this episode:

  1. Wheelchair Sports Camp, “Marvin The Martian’s Marshmallowed Mixes ”
  2. Wheelchair Sports Camp, “No Place for Winter”
  3. Wheelchair Sports Camp, “Taylor”
  4. Wheelchair Sports Camp, “Take Stairs in Case of Fire”
  5. Wheelchair Sports Camp, “Same Shit”
  6. The Full Presidential Debate - October 3, 2012 - Denver, Colorado
  7. Isaiah Ikey Owens, “710 Stomp”
  8. Wheelchair Sports Camp, “Same Shit”
  9. Wheelchair Sports Camp, “Honey Don’t Go”
  10. Wheelchair Sports Camp, “Hindsight”
  11. Wheelchair Sports Camp, “Hard Out Here for a Gimp”
  12. Wheelchair Sports Camp, “Cold Steel”
  13. Wheelchair Sports Camp, “Still Night”
  14. Wheelchair Sports Camp, “15 Steps”
  15. The Notorious B.I.G., “Machine Gun Funk”
  16. Big pun smacks his wife with a mac 10 live on tape Must See
  17. Denver protesters arrested after 2-day sit-in
  18. Kalyn 4 Mayor ….but why?
  19. Kalyn 4 Mayor ….. but how?
  20. Kalyn 4 Mayor ….. but how?
  21. Wheelchair Sports Camp, “Scooter Pack”
  22. Protesters block hallway outside McConnell’s office

Show notes:

  1. The Village Voice, “Wheelchair Sports Camp’s Crip Life”
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