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Soundset is a festival in the Minneapolis area put on by the Rhymesayers label. It’s been running since 2008, and has grown from a show in a warehouse to a day-long outdoor event featuring some of music’s biggest acts.

This past May, we went to the festival to hang out and talk to the performers, and on this episode and the next one, you’ll hear the results. This time, you’ll find conversations with Rapsody, Grieves, K-Salaam, Sa-Roc, and Prof. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the first half of The Cipher’s Soundset special.

Tracks featured in this episode:

  1. Rapture | Rapsody Trailer [HD] | Netflix
  2. The Mau Maus, Charlie Baltimore, Canibus, Gano Grills, MC Serch, Mos Def, & muMs, “Blak Iz Blak”
  3. Rapsody f/Mela Machinko, “My Song”
  4. Rapsody f/Heather Victoria, “The Drums”
  5. Grieves, “Gutz”
  6. Grieves f/Paris Alexa, “No Sleep”
  7. Hieroglyphics, “Make Your Move”
  8. Grieves f/Paris Alexa, “No Sleep”
  9. Grieves f/Paris Alexa, “No Sleep”
  10. Grieves, “5,000 Miles”
  11. Grieves f/Romaro Franceswa, “Chillin’ (Ice Cold)”
  12. Freddie Gibbs f/Freeway, Adrian, & Sly Polaroid, “Anything To Survive”
  13. Murs & Fashawn f/Adrian, “Reina De Barrio (Ghetto Queen)”
  14. Beatnick & K-Salaam f/Bun B & Adi Armour, “Keep It 100”
  16. Eyedea vs Shells
  17. Beatnick & K-Salaam Prod. w/ Bun B ft. Adi Armour - “Keep It 100”
  18. Beatnick & K-Salaam Prod. w/ Bun B ft. Adi Armour - “Keep It 100”
  19. Sa-Roc, “I am her”
  20. Kadafi f/Dr. Mutulu Shakur, “Dedication to Kadafi & the Spirit of an Outlaw”
  21. Sa-Roc, “Black Thought Speaks”
  22. Black Thought (The Roots) brings Sa-Roc out in Atlanta A3C 2014!
  23. Sa-Roc, “Forever”
  24. Dr. Joy De Gruy-Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome
  25. Brother Ali f/Sa-Roc, “We Got This”
  26. Prof, “Criminal”
  27. Prof, “True Love”
  28. Prof - Live Full Performance - 5/27/18 - Soundset 2018 - Falcon Heights, MN
  29. Prof, “Andre the Giant”
  30. Prof, “Andre the Giant”
  31. Prof Outdoors 3 - Recap Video
  32. Long D.O.E. Ent. Presents - The Cypher ft. ATMOSPHERE, PROF, TONY BONES & More (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

Show notes:

  1. Complex, “Premiere: Beatnick & K-Salaam, Bun B, and Adi Armour “Keep It 100” in New Video”
  2. Complex, “From the Black Panthers to 2Pac to Ferguson: The History Behind the FBI’s Latest Move Against Black Activists”
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