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Glen “Daddy-O” Bolton is a rapper, producer, executive, and all-around hip-hop Renaissance man. He formed the ground breaking Stetsasonic in 1981, and the group went on to release several classic albums and become the first great hip-hop band.

As a producer and remixer, he worked with everyone from Audio Two to the Red Hot Chili Peppers to They Might Be Giants. He was an executive at MCA and Motown, and continues to consult with a number of companies. And he’s still releasing music to this day. Daddy-O’s latest album, released this past May, is No Tablecloths.

Tracks featured in this episode:

  1. Smoothe Da Hustler & Trigga Da Gambler, “Broken Language”
  2. Master P, “Make ’Em Say Ugh”
  3. Public Enemy, “Fight the Power”
  4. Q-Tip, “Vivrant Thing - Club Mix”
  5. Capone-N-Noreaga f/Foxy Brown, “Bang, Bang”
  6. Heavy D & The Boyz, “A Bunch Of Niggas”
  7. The Notorious B.I.G., “Party & Bullshit”
  8. The Notorious B.I.G., “Big Poppa”
  9. Gravediggaz, “Here Comes the Gravediggaz”
  10. Bomb Squad, “Feel the Wrath”
  11. Prince Rakeem, “Ooh We Love You Rakeem”
  12. New Music Seminar 1985 - Roxanne Shante vs Frukwan (MC Battle)
  13. Funky Four Plus One More, “Rappin And Rocking The House”
  14. Stetsasonic, “Just Say Stet”
  15. Stetsasonic, “Sally”
  16. The Treacherous Three, First Anniversary, Live At Disco Fever, 1981 (Part 1)
  17. Fearless Four, “Rockin’ It”
  18. Grandmaster Flowers - Brooklyn Park Jam (1979)
  19. The Cipher Episode 180: Tech N9ne
  20. MC Hammer, “Here Comes The Hammer”
  21. Michael Jackson, “Remember the Time”
  22. MC Shan, “Down By Law”
  23. Stetsasonic, “Go Stetsa I”
  24. Boogie Down Productions, “The Bridge Is Over”
  25. Boogie Down Productions, “South Bronx”
  26. Stetsasonic, “Stet Troop ’88!”
  27. The Little Rascals - (Good Old Days) Theme Song Our Gang Comedy
  28. MC Watchout & DJ Oz, “Blind Man’s Bluff”
  29. MC Watchout & DJ Oz, “Blind Man’s Bluff”
  30. Positive K, “Quarter Gram Pam”
  31. Rich Boy f/Polow Da Don, “Throw Some D’s”
  32. Switch, “I Call Your Name - 12” Version”
  33. Positive K, “Quarter Gram Pam”
  34. Ohio Players, “Skin Tight”
  35. Audio Two, “Top Billin’”
  36. Audio Two, “Top Billin’”
  37. Audio Two - I Don’t Care [Full Album] 1990
  38. The Stop the Violence Movement, “Self Destruction”
  39. The Stop the Violence Movement, “Self Destruction”
  40. Daddy-O f/YZ, “You Can Be A Daddy, But Never Daddy-O”
  41. Paul Gayton, “Backtrackin’ (Dr. Daddy-O)”
  42. Daddy-O, “Brooklyn Bounce”
  43. Daddy-O, “Flowin In File”
  44. Daddy-O, “Brooklyn Bounce (More Bounce Version)”
  45. Mob Style….1989 The good the bad and the ugly. full album
  46. Stetsasonic, “Miami Bass”
  47. Stetsasonic, “The Odad”
  48. Red Hot Chili Peppers, “Higher Ground (Daddy-O Mix)”
  49. They Might Be Giants, “Istanbul (Not Constantinople) (Brownsville Mix)”
  50. Fine Young Cannibals, “Good Thing (Prince Paul Remix)”
  51. Daddy-O, “Bullets”
  52. Daddy-O f/SG, “Shootin Like a Beatbox”
  53. Daddy-O f/Marsha Bolton, Haiti”
  54. Daddy-O, “Nephew”
  55. Daddy-O, “Shinin (Borough of Kings)”
  56. How Winning in Hip-Hop Led to Winning in Business & Life | Glenn “Daddy-O” Bolton | TEDxPeachtree
  57. Daddy-O f/AZ, “Ballas”

Show notes:

  1. New Music Seminar 1985 - Roxanne Shante vs Frukwan (MC Battle)
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