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This episode of OTL is a special one. We got the incredible opportunity to sit down with the Don, Nas, to engage him in a back and forth about his iconic album, Illmatic. The debut album of Nas and a landmark album in both its regional scene and in the overarching hip hop landscape, Illmatic is a work that continues to hold the same poignance, genius, and relevance today.

Hosted by OTL host Shawn Setaro and Nicole Otero at the Rap Genius Ranch at South by Southwest, the conversation included questions from the hosts themselves, RG users, and even members from the audience who were able to participate in their own Q&A. Nas answered candidly with answers that inform some of the deepest thematic chords that run throughout the album, along with stories of his childhood and come up in the Queensbridge, New York.

Annotated excerpts on

  1. Check out Nas’ Verified Account for many of his answers

Show notes:

  1. Ranch Recap: RG at SXSW
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