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An in-depth interview with rap icon Talib Kweli. We talk to the veteran emcee about Black Star, similes, the Occupy movement, and lots more.

Tracks featured in this episode:

  1. Black Star, “Hater Players”
  2. Small Wonder - S01E13 Brainwashed
  3. Lord Finesse & DJ Mike Smooth, “Keep It Flowing”
  4. Showbiz & A.G. f/DJ Premier, “Next Level”
  5. Big L, “Put It On”
  6. Black Star f/Jane Doe, Punch, & Words, “Twice Inna Lifetime”
  7. Drake f/Kanye West, Eminem, & Lil Wayne, “Forever”
  8. Talib Kweli, “Get By”
  9. Talib Kweli, “Hostile Gospel Pt. 1 (Deliver Us)”
  10. Eminem and Proof Freestyle Audio Boosted and 720p VERY RARE
  11. Idle Warship, “Enemy”
  12. Talib Kweli, “So Low”
  13. Talib Kweli, “Right About Now”
  14. Talib Kweli, “Beautiful Struggle”
  15. Talib Kweli f/Res, “Going Hard”
  16. Talib Kweli, “Work It Out”
  17. Reflection Eternal, “2000 Seasons”
  18. Reflection Eternal, “Memories Live”
  19. Talib Kweli f/Abby Dobson, “State of Grace”
  20. Reflection Eternal f/Les Nubians, “Love Language”
  21. Talib Kweli f/Free, “Ghetto Love”
  22. Talib Kweli f/Blaq Toven, “How You Love Me”
  23. Talib Kweli f/Coi Mattison & Lyfe Jennings, “Give ‘Em Hell”
  24. Talib Kweli f/Coi Mattison & Lyfe Jennings, “Give ‘Em Hell”
  25. Talib Kweli f/John Legend, “Around My Way”
  26. The Police, “Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic”
  27. Talib Kweli - Shows Solidarity at OccupyWallStreet
  28. girl on guy 50: talib kweli
  29. Talib Kweli f/DJ Quik, “Put It In The Air”
  30. Boogie Down Productions, “Stop the Violence”
  31. Black Star, “Definition”
  32. Slick Rick, “Children’s Story”
  33. Black Star, “Children’s Story”
  34. Double Trouble, “Stoop Rap”
  35. Black Star, “B Boys Will B Boys”
  36. Black Star, “Brown Skin Lady”
  37. Talib Kweli f/UGK & Raheem DeVaughn, “Country Cousins”
  38. Black Star f/Common, “Respiration”
  39. Black Star, “Thieves in the Night”
  40. Talib Kweli, “Rush”
  41. Talib Kweli f/Jean Grae, “Uh Oh”
  42. Talib Kweli f/Cocoa Brovaz, “Gun Music”
  43. Black Star, “You Already Knew”
  44. Talib Kweli f/Papoose, “The Beast”
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