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This episode, we have a two-fer. We begin with a really awesome interview with a true West Coast legend, DJ Quik. He has a new album, The Midnight Life, and we talk to him about that, his relationships with longtime collaborators Suga Free and guitarist Robert Bacon, “Hitler microphones,” that time Dr. Dre broke his speakers, and a lot more.

In the second half of the show, we introduce a new artist. Eric Biddines is a Florida-based rapper whose new project, Planet Coffee Bean 2, came to our attention recently. Eric’s futuristic, imaginative, and caffeinated music — and personality — are not to be missed.

Tracks featured in this episode:

  1. The D.O.C., “No One Can Do It Better”
  2. James Brown, “Superbad”
  3. DJ Quik, “Tear It Off”
  4. DJ Quik, “Bacon’s Groove”
  5. DJ Quik, “Quik’s Groove II - For U 2 Rip 2”
  6. DJ Quik, “That Getter”
  7. DJ Quik, “Broken Down”
  8. Suga Free, “I’d Rather Give You My Bitch”
  9. Eminem, “My Dad’s Gone Crazy”
  10. 50 Cent, “In Da Club (Instrumental)”
  11. Truth Hurts & Rakim, “Addictive”
  12. Eric Biddines, “SouF”
  13. Eric Biddines, “Lay In You”
  14. Eric Biddines, “Coffee Cup”
  15. Eric Biddines, “Purple Gold Fishes”
  16. Eric Biddines, “Claire Huxtable”
  17. Eric Biddines, “Stripper Documentary”
  18. Eric Biddines, “2’s and 4’s”
  19. Rick Ross, “Box Chevy”
  20. Eric Biddines, “Railroads Down/Unfinished”
  21. OutKast, “ATLiens”
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