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This episode, we have a wide-ranging convo with Gene “No Malice” Thornton of Clipse. No Malice (formerly just Malice, before a religious epiphany several years back) and his brother Terrance, a.k.a. Pusha T, form one of rap’s greatest duos. Their smart, vicious raps — often about their real-life experiences dealing cocaine — first brought them to prominence with the massive hit “Grindin’” back in 2002. The group quickly became a critical and commercial favorite, thanks to the brothers’ rhymes and some production help from The Neptunes.

But after some label issues and legal problems, Clipse went on hiatus. No Malice released his solo debut and a memoir, while his brother joined forces with Kanye West. We talk to No Malice about God, going solo, the past (and future) of Clipse, which lyric he regrets most, and more.

Tracks featured in this episode:

  1. Kraftwerk, “Trans-Europe Express”
  2. Clipse, “Intro”
  3. Clipse, “Prayer”
  4. Re-Up Gang, “Hate It Or Love It”
  5. Clipse, “Dirty Money”
  6. Clipse, “Momma I’m So Sorry”
  7. Clipse, “Wamp Wamp (What It Do)”
  8. Clipse, “Ride Around Shining (Instrumental)”
  9. No Malice, “Hear Ye Him”
  10. Re-Up Gang, “Show You How To Hustle”
  11. No Malice, “Blasphemy”
  12. Re-Up Gang, “My Life’s the Shit”
  13. Re-Up Gang, “Bring It Back”
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