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Tanya Morgan, as the title of one of their mixtapes states, is a rap group. Von Pea and donwill have been putting out classics since their 2006 debut Moonlighting. They’ve gone through successes, failures, lineup changes (original member Ilyas left in 2012), and more while continuing to reach for new sounds and concepts. Their most recent release is the EP 12 Minutes at Karriem’s. We talked to the group about touring disasters, childhood friendships, Google Maps, that time donwill almost ended up on Cops, and much, much more.

Tracks featured in this episode:

  1. Tanya Morgan, “Suntro”
  2. Tanya Morgan, “Dirt Weed (Intro)”
  3. Tanya Morgan, “All Em”
  4. Katy Perry, “California Gurls”
  5. Tanya Morgan, “Tanya Morgan Is A Rap Group”
  6. Coming to America (excerpt)
  7. donwill, “Big Audio Crack”
  8. ilwil, “Lockett Down”
  9. Tanya Morgan, “On Our Way”
  10. Tanya Morgan, “WTF?”
  11. Tanya Morgan, “Hardcore Gentlemen”
  12. Garnier Fructis “Long Strong” commercial
  13. Tanya Morgan, “Hardcore Gentlemen”
  14. Tanya Morgan, “Take the W”
  15. The Cipher Episode 81: Sage Francis
  16. April 10, 2001: Cincinnati Riots (ABC News)
  17. Tanya Morgan, “In the City”
  18. Inner Circle, “Bad Boys”
  19. Tanya Morgan, “Blue Waffles”
  20. donwill, “The Champ”
  21. Von Pea and the Other Guys f/Jermiside, Che Grand, Aeon, Spec Boogie, ILWIL & Elucid, “Connect Four”
  22. Von Pea and the Other Guys, “Chasing Amy (aka In Your Heart)”
  23. Tanya Morgan, “Waiting for You”
  24. The Cipher Episode 18: Skyzoo
  25. Tanya Morgan, “Stay Tuned (Sunset Version)”
  26. Von Pea & Aeon, “Alive”
  27. Tanya Morgan f/Elucid, “Golden”
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