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Rapper Big Pooh got his start in the critically beloved North Carolina trio Little Brother. But over the past decade, he’s made a series of excellent and increasingly ambitious solo records, culminating in the new EP Words Paint Pictures.

We talked to Pooh about Little Brother’s early success and major-label stumbles; the truth about radio; the demise of the middle class; and the bizarre cease-and-desist letter that put one of his albums on hold for almost three years.

Tracks featured in this episode:

  1. Ramses Ja, “Rapper Big Pooh Full Interview”
  2. Bad Perm, “Rapper Big Pooh Interview on”
  3. Slick Worthington, “Rapsolution Interview with Rapper Big Pooh”
  5. Hot 97, “Big Pooh Talks New EP & Little Brother Status with Rosenberg”
  6. Building Seven, “Rapper Big Pooh “Fresh to Death” (On Dirty Pretty Things, Nas, Kendrick Lamar, EP w/Nottz)[2011]”
  7. Rapper Big Pooh, “Live Life”
  8. Rapper Big Pooh, “Now”
  9. Little Brother, “Watch Me”
  10. Rapper Big Pooh, “Stop”
  11. Rapper Big Pooh, “Augmentation”
  12. Rapper Big Pooh, “Augmentation”
  13. Rapper Big Pooh, “Augmentation”
  14. Rapper Big Pooh, “Promise Land”
  15. Rapper Big Pooh, “Kings”
  16. British Knights commercial
  17. Rapper Big Pooh, “How I Move”
  18. Rob Base & DJ EZ Rock, “It Takes Two”
  19. Little Brother, “Rollin Out”
  20. Rapper Big Pooh, “The Release”
  21. Rapper Big Pooh, “State of the Union”
  22. Rapper Big Pooh, “Legendary Lullaby”
  23. Rapper Big Pooh, “Free”
  24. Rapper Big Pooh, “Radio”
  25. Rapper Big Pooh, “Radio”
  26. Rapper Big Pooh, “The Life”
  27. Rapper Big Pooh & Roc C, “The Crew”
  28. David Bowie, “Young Americans”
  29. Kendrick Lamar f/Rapper Big Pooh, “Thanksgiving”
  30. King Mez, “Demo”

Show notes:

  1. Complex, “Fact or Fiction: Dispelling 25 Sneaker Myths”
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