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Joe Budden first came to prominence in the mixtape scene of the early 2000s, due to an affiliation with DJ Clue’s Desert Storm crew, which also included Fabolous, the A-Team, and more. His 2003 debut self-titled album yielded a smash hit with “Pump It Up,” but the record’s sales didn’t match expectations, and led to problems between Joe and his label Def Jam - problems that would play out across the rapper’s increasingly popular and well-regarded Mood Muzik mixtape series.

Joe’s introspective, heavily personal style won him a devoted fanbase – one that he reached out to directly via the Internet, well before that became the standard thing to do. He nurtured those fans by continuing to release superb projects like Padded Room, A Loose Quarter, and No Love Lost. But he also expanded into new realms by appearing on the TV shows Love & Hip Hop and Couples Therapy. He has also moved into podcasting with his popular show I’ll Name This Podcast Later.

Joe’s new album, out this coming Friday, October 21st, is a collaboration with the producer AraabMuzik called Rage & the Machine.

Tracks featured in this episode:

  1. Joe Budden n Killa BH - Mood Muzik 2 Skits
  2. Joe Budden n Killa BH - Mood Muzik 2 Skits
  3. Joe Budden, “Get No Younger (feat. Ezo)”
  4. Killa BH - Foldger’s Brother (Big Brother Freestyle)
  5. Joe Budden, “Freestyle (Oh No)”
  6. Joe Budden, “Freestyle (Hustla)”
  7. Joe Budden, “10 Mins.”
  8. Joe Budden, “Survivor”
  9. Joe Budden, “10 Mins.”
  10. Joe Budden, “Def Jam Diss”
  11. Joe Budden, “Porno Star”
  12. Joe Budden, “Through The Wire”
  13. Joe Budden, “Def Jam Diss”
  14. Joe Budden, “Bullshit Rappers & Metaphors”
  15. Joe Budden, “Hiatus”
  16. Lord Finesse, “Praise The Lord”
  17. Big L, “98 Freestyle”
  18. Joe Budden, “Just To Be Different”
  19. Joe Budden, “Pray For Them”
  20. Joe Budden, “Are You In That Mood”
  21. Joe Budden, “Downfall”
  22. Joe Budden, “Ordinary Love S**t, Pt. 3”
  23. Joe Budden, “Hiatus”
  24. Joe Budden, “Dear Diary”
  25. Joe Budden, “Dear Diary”
  26. Joe Budden, “Talk 2 Em”
  27. Joe Budden, “Ventilation”
  28. Joe Budden, “Ventilation”
  29. Joe Budden f/Ezo, “Get No Younger”
  30. Joe Budden f/Emanny, “All Of Me”
  31. Joe Budden, “Send Him Our Love”
  32. The Cipher Episode 18: Skyzoo
  33. Chinx f/Jadakiss, “Dope Hope”
  35. hollywood chris lova lova 1
  36. Joe Budden, “Fighting”
  38. Couples Therapy With Dr. Jenn | Kaylin Wants Joe Budden to Cut All Ties with Tahiry | VH1
  39. Joe Budden f/Jae Millz & Stack Bundles, “6 Minutes of Death”
  40. Joe Budden, “NBA Freestyle”
  41. Joe Budden f/Joell Ortiz, Nino Bless, Crooked I, & Royce da 5’9”, “Slaughterhouse”
  42. Joe Budden, “Three”
  43. Joe Budden, “I Gotta Ask”
  44. Original Broadway Cast, “Prologue: Into The Woods”
  45. Jay Z, “Hard Knock Life (Ghetto Anthem)”
  46. Joe Budden, “I Gotta Ask”
  47. Joe Budden, “Idols”
  48. Joe Budden f/Joell Ortiz, “Serious”
  49. Slaughterhouse, “The One”
  50. Joe Budden f/Joell Ortiz, “Warfare”
  51. Joe Budden, “No Love Lost (Outro)”
  52. Joe Budden, “Different Love”
  53. Joe Budden, “Castles”
  54. Joe Budden f/Emanny, “Love For You”
  55. Joe Budden, “Love, I’m Good”
  56. Joe Budden, “Spring Training”
  57. Joe Budden, “Pray For Them”
  58. Joe Budden, “Un4given”
  59. Joe Budden, “1000 Faces”
  60. Joe Budden, “Runaway”
  61. Joe Budden, “When It All Implodes”
  62. Joe Budden, “#1”
  63. Knight Rider - Kitt Scanner Sound
  64. Next time, Gadget!
  65. Muppet Babies S4E18 Nanny’s Day Off
  66. Joe Budden, “Talk 2 Em”
  67. Joe Budden, “So Serious”
  68. Joe Budden, “Old School Mouse”
  69. Joe Budden, “Dumb Out”

Show notes:

  1. Mood Muzik 2 review in The New York Times, 1/16/06
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