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Quelle is a rapper and producer who originally hails from Detroit – though he’s also passed through St. Louis, Los Angeles, Chicago, Brooklyn, and more. He got his start with Detroit’s Wasted Youth crew, teaming up with artists like Denmark Vessey, Big Tone, and even Danny Brown, the last of whom used two of Quelle’s beats on his breakthrough album XXX.

Quelle’s music runs the gamut from banging rap beats to experimental synth pop, and his subject matter from raunchy humor to conversations with God. His most recent solo album, last year’s Innocent Country, is his most powerful and wide-ranging work yet.

Tracks featured in this episode:

  1. Quelle Chris, “Shotgun”
  2. Danny Brown, “EWNESW”
  3. Quelle Chris, “blue mondays”
  4. Quelle Chris, “The Son (Sh!tting on Niggas)” Official Video
  5. Slum Village, “Fantastic”
  6. Eminem, “Lose Yourself”
  7. Slum Village, “I Don’t Know”
  8. Chingy, “Right Thurr”
  9. Martin 2x07 - Control
  10. UNLV, “Get Into It With A Nigger”
  11. Juicy J, “Pimp Dem Sluts”
  12. Crown Nation, “bobby womack (get it)”
  13. Juicy J, “Hoes In This House”
  14. A$AP Ferg f/A$AP Rocky, “Shabba”
  15. Quelle Chris f/Black Mythe, “the jones brothers”
  16. Quelle Chris, “Sleek Rifle”
  17. Quelle Chris, “Symbolic (Basquiat)”
  18. Quelle Chris f/Denmark Vessey, “Mo Money Less Problems”
  19. Quelle Chris, “The Crook (The Enemy)”
  20. Quelle Chris, “The Crook (The Enemy)”
  21. Quelle Chris f/Machine, “Nubeginning4∞”
  22. Quelle Chris f/Cavalier, Fresh Daily, & Chay, “Hot n Crusty”
  23. Best of Bundy - Shoe Store Customers
  24. Quelle Chris, “Loop Dreams”
  25. Quelle Chris f/The Fiends, “Drugfest Toothousandtoo”
  26. Digital Underground, “Gutfest ‘89 (Edit)”
  27. Quelle Chris f/Fresh Daily & Cavalier, “We Want It Alive”
  28. Quelle Chris f/Bilal Salaam, “I’m The Bridge You Must Burn”

Show notes:

  1. Quelle Chris, “Nothing Moves” music video
  2. Quelle Chris, “Ghost At The Finish Line” (Official Video)
  3. Quelle Chris - “Where The Wild Things Roam” | Official Video
  4. Quelle Chris f/Tanya Morgan, Fresh Daily, & Cavalier, “Greene Eyes” (Official Video)
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