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Past Episodes

48: T.M. Wolf

We speak to author T.M. Wolf about his novel, Sound, a book that uses Hip Hop writing techniques to convey its story. View episode →

47: Awkword

We talk to rapper, activist and sociologist Awkword about his music, his politics, his upcoming charity album, and much more. View episode →

45: Michael Holman

We speak to Hip Hop impresario Michael Holman about Graffiti Rock and his part in bringing New York's burgeoning Hip Hop culture to the world. View episode →

44: Cipha Sounds

We talk with Hot 97 DJ Cipha Sounds about his wide-ranging career which includes DJing for Lil' Kim and working on The Chapelle Show. View episode →

43: Bill Adler

We speak to Def Jam alumni Bill Adler about his time at the label as well as his writing, television, and art projects. View episode →